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Hit up Black-Xion, he's a pretty nasty Tass. Smorgisborg is good as well.


I have been using him as my main since Black gave me some pointers, but I've got two builds I usually go with him:


0/3/3 talents (armor, spell res, hp, movement speed, energy, wealth).


First build is really just a pubby build. I'll start with GP10, snag Machete, Ocelot's, COA, Shadowmourne, Finish Atom Smasher, Pyre, Contam. At this point you can sell your machete & lost treasure and get some situational items (some INT stuff, or some tanky stuff...usually I'll snag Organic and DST for even more durability so you can survive switching your main into a clump of heroes). With Organic, DST, and Atom, you end up with about 4500 hp.


Second build is more INT-focused. Same first 3 items, but go into Cerebro, finish Atom. Eventually I'll get Cerebro, Energy Saber, Grav Edge, Nitro, Stars, and Organic (or keep Atom Smasher). If I go this build, I tend to get Energy Saber earlier just so I can start building that energy pool.


Hope this helps!

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