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Typhoon Yolanda


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guys my country needs help. pls donate to the victims of typhoon Yolanda that ravaged the Philippines.

although my city was hit, it wasnt hit as hard as Tacloban, Giuian, capiz, leyte, daan bantayan etc who got hardest hit. i was in my home when the storm hit. i aint downplaying the storm by saying i wasnt hardly hit. i just wasnt directly hit by the eye of the storm. In other places however the dead are piling up by the thousands. homes have been shattered, people have no food, no water, no shelter.


i come here, in a plea for help not for myself but for my countrymen.


i do not know how you can course your donations to the Philippines as i am not from your country of origin, but i am pretty sure there is in one way or another a way for us gamers to help.


i call all gamers irregardless of clans, race, religion to help in one way or another.


Thank You very much



AOS gamer, Philippines.

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