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[Geminus.Boros v 1.144] Pull, Crit, Burst


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Might (+15 Weapon Damage)

Fury (+ 15% weapon speed)

Veteran (+1.5 levels)

Fitness (+180 HP)

Youth (+230 energy)

Swiftness(+6% Movespeed)


Core Items:



Boros is a great initiator and jungler. On top of having a strong pull, he also has possibly the most devastating Ult in the game that can do between 5000-10,000 total damage late game depending on build. Many people have really strong feelings on boros and what items to go on him. There are a few ways to play him that I think are viable. One thing is certain however, an emphasis on weapon damage is a must in any build due to his ult. Some people build Int, some build pure damage (for ult), and some build AA. I think a hybrid is usually the best option with a slight emphasis in weapon damage.


Talents: You can do a number of things here: 1-1-4 (Might, Health, Swiftness, Youth, Energy regen, Wealth) if you are going for early weapon damage rather than Int or AA. Weapon damage builds look to maximize weapon damage for your ult.


You can also do 3-1-2 taking Might, fury, Veteran, Health, Swiftness, energy as this helps you get to level 6 faster. I prefer this talent set up as it allows you to reach level 6 faster.


Abilities: WQWWERWEE

Get Bola and spellstorm first for utility. Then max Bola for range as you will need it to gank well. After that I max E because with Culling saber and executioner's axe you can farm very effectively.




Early game: Hatchet>Machete>Culling saber... Boros is almost always jungle, so hatchet works well. Machete for sustain in the jungle and some more health and culling saber because it's a GP10 and you will always build Kali eventually. I usually build Culling saber into Axe and get another culling saber if I'm going to go Arcbound later. Make sure to carry around some energy pots so you can have energy when you need it.


Mid game: There are many viable options here... It depends on how much initiation your team needs. If they are really relying on you heavily, Lockbox isn't a bad choice, as it brings up bola percentages even for the best boros players.


Phase cloak is nice for surprise bolas and I almost always go Shinobi in my end game build anyway.


If you plan on going INT boros, you will definietly need a dial for escape/initiation as you'll be using your Spellstorm for damage rather than for utility. If you're going INT Gravity is a good choice, if you need more health, Ihan.


My preference is to go Phase cloak, Kali. I skip lockbox if you have other strong initiation on your team. You can really pick people off pretty effectively and snowball if you rush Weapon damage early and stick to bola-ing and Ulting stray solo heroes.


Late Game: I like to either max weapon damage or go slightly AA near the end. Boros' AA does amazing damage late game, so a little weapon speed to help finish people off is really nice. You can decide what that item will be (pyre, Arcbound, Timesplitter).I prefer arcbound if you need weapon speed because it synergizes well with his crit.


Example late game build: Kali, Arcbound if you want to go AA, Galactic Defender, Gravity Edge, Shinobi, Contam Shard. If you can fit it in, Ihan is nice too for the health and INT. It also helps Boros sustain better in the mid game, which is a struggle for him.



Early game: Boros benefits alot from ganking as he can snowball pretty hard with his Ult. It's not a bad idea to ward enem jungles and high ground mid to be able to get some ganks off.


Mid game:Focus on initiation and warding. Warding will allow you to find those enemy heroes that are solo farming around the jungle and get an easy QR kill out of it. Remember LB if you need to ensure good intiation. Boss control is important and it's where Boros's Ult truly shows, as there are no creeps around to possibly absorb hits.


Late game: Some weapon speed will help finish off low HP heroes. Boros can do some amazing damage with Contamination Shard, Crit, and Burning blades (especially since you get +20% spell damage as true damage). Because Hybrid INT/AA is viable on Boros and He has strong built in Crit, his AA can penetrate armor exceptionally well, possibly the best in mid game if built right.


By late game, your Ult can dominate teamfights if you've built correctly. Do not waste it on one person at this point in the game unless it's the enemy carry. Levi fights have become less dominant as a late game decision maker because of how weak the artifact is. More late game teamfights happen around the artifact.


Don't initiate with your Ult, make sure to use it in the middle, right where the fight could go either way.

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Nice guide. I would also recommend getting a hatchet + all three mineral items at the start. As miners gives health and sustain early game. Culling gives more farm and lost treasure builds into warp shard which is a good mid game item on boros imo. Also maybe you could do a guide on INT builds as a lot of people find CRIT heavy builds boring (including myself).


Boros is my main :D

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Nice guide. Although I'm surprised you didn't include prodigy in the talents, all of Boros' abilities benefit from CDR, especially his ult.


Yea, it's next on my list of talents I would want... The issue is that Might, Fury, fitness, swiftness, and youth are absolute necessities for jungle. Without youth, your mana pool is too low to be able to combo appropriately. So that leaves 1 talent to work with. I think veteran is better than prodigy because it allows you to hit level 6 faster, which in turn allows you to gank earlier in the game and more effectively.


IHan Crystal is also core item for any decent Boros.

Ihan is a good item on Boros, no doubt. Kali Blade and shinobi are more important items on him IMO because of the weapon damage. The movespeed and utility shinobi gives are just amazing for Boros. For me, I've found that Ihan before Kali and phase cloak slows down my build. Instead of hitting with 240 weapon damage on my ult 16-20 mins into a game, I'm hitting with that damage 7-8 minutes later, which is a big difference, especially in that stage of the game.

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Well really I think getting ihan depends on your build. In some cases it really helps, but in other cases it really slows u down. For example in my build: Culling Saber, Machette+Hatchet/miners, Lost Treasure, impact dial, warp shard, e mantle/ yamato. Where do I add Ihan in?

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