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Red =/= Zero


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Why change your name to Red then put a picture up of our sacred hero Zero. As a fan of the great Megaman X for SNES I'm appalled by your choice of such an iconic hero. That is all.


I'm commonly being referred as Red on Mumble and Starcraft, so it's my decision to change it. I'm also a huge fan of the Megaman series, but only right until Keijii dropped out of Capcom. Now as a fan, I'm appalled that you had the will to discourage me from honoring Zero. It's a shame that one worshiper wishes to deny another. But generally, it is rude that such a person would informally question and criticize one's choice of portrait.


So on that note, quit trolling. This isn't the right the place to do it here. Don't try provoking me or anyone else. 1) It's not healthy to do it here and 2) it ruins the community's reputation.

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