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What league hero for new player?


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Any heroes that are like micro?

Skarner is a tanky bruiser whose ultimate suppresses a person (makes them helpless) and pulls them with him for a few seconds, although the similarities pretty much end with the tanky part and the bring you into my team while you are helpless part.
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If you're a scrub, you should support.

Scrub supports steal cs, don't ward, and then don't do crap since they are playing some support champ who doesn't scale well with items, so I don't think a new player should play support. I think mid is the best place to start, since in the very beginning no one jungles and it is just a 1v1 for awhile since no one even roams. It lets you practice your csing without feeding and mid champs normally don't take too much skill, since long range skills don't require positioning and you don't have to stay near enemies to deal damage.
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No, it was only out of the question when friendly members of the community members were giving away betakeys for DotA, when it was still in said beta. Those members deserved getting banned. League is fine, right, guys? Because we are casual baddies.

someone is mad jelly. yusobad@lolbro


The easiest hero to carry in low elo is jax and leblanc

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Ohh em Gee a thread about LOL and even a mod encouraging it.......


isn't this topic taboo ? Seeing as LOL is a direct competitor to our beloved AOS


As far as I know, as long as people are not just trying to "hard sell/advertise" the game, then discussion about other games is allowed.

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Tryndamere - Shadow is another version of this guy

Teemo - Annoying little brat

Ryze - Super, super simple, egon style.

Ashe - Don't listen to them, Ashe is hard to play, you have to last hit and stuff and aim ur ult right

Garen - This guy is OP, max his e and spin to win ( build full tank start with sunfire cape )

Soraka - Support, can heal and give mana, bam !

Annie - Indeed, it is simple

Veigar - This is hard, you have to get early tear of goddess and Last Hit with Q, the more you kill with Q the more AP ( Ability Power ) you have, and you have to aim e perfectly follow with w, q and r in like 1s :/

Skarner - Require jungle, he's shapty in lane, and you need someone to help you take blue and red buff, which new player don't know anything about it

Leblanc - If anyone say this hero is easy, they're scrub, she have huge outplay potential and burst, Leblanc and Veigar is 2 of the best single target burst mage in League but require medium skill to use

Draven - You have to catch his axe every aa which is not easy at all, require high skill with ult too !

Jax - Easy to play, easy to learn, hard to master, the only thing new people mess up with him is their build, tri - force or blade of ruined king first.

Tristana - Yep, also easy

Varus - If you are good at skill shot, this guy is the one. Remember to read how your w work.


About dps, just sivir, she's the most simple. In league you have to play to get influence point to buy hero so 3k1 - 6k3 hero is not worth to try, there is no micro hero btw. Aeon hero have a lot of OP initiator, in league there's nothin' like that except blizcrank and thresh who can pull people and chain cc.

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