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[HOTS] Derais.Seher


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- Creation


- Removed spell resistance interactions from Binary Surge (from -20%/+25%)

- Binary Surge slow changed from Movement Speed reduction to Slow

- Binary Surge will affect the caster


- Binary Surge can be cast on structures for 0 damage



Unit Base


: Oracle

: Aggressive Support (Early Ganker/Pusher), thrives in the short lane and long lane.

: An adept at espionage and renowned tactician, Derais is a mercenary that is never seen on the battlefield, but is all-too real of a threat to dismiss. After getting crippled in war with several near-death experiences, Derais resolved to specializing in intelligence warfare and mastered the trade until nobody could match him. No secret on the battlefield or fugitives on the run have ever gone by without the knowledge of Derais and those willing to shell out more pay find their enemies easily outmaneuvered and defeated by the much smaller private forces of Derais. He is enough of a threat behind the front lines, so the physical presence of his life-support vessel in the Sanctum is an unnerving omen of things to come.


Starting Stats:

Base Health
– 155

Movement Speed
– 2.65

Attack Range
– 6

Attack Speed
– 1.8

Base Damage
– 55

Attack Name | Animation
- Pulsar Beam | Pulsar Beam

Base Armor
– 1

Strength – 30+4

Agility – 21+3

Intelligence – 30+8


"Oops, I think I cut a string."

A fragile Hero with no escape mechanisms, no solid disable, and unremarkable damage output, Seher pales in large, hectic engagements and instead relies on reconnaissance at a safe range and careful positioning. His presence comes more from his ability to grant his team an early advantage and complete control of the map through relentless ganking and pushing.




Piercing Gaze

"All allied units in a 14 unit radius gain +2 sight range. Does not stack with other sight bonuses and affects structures."


None can escape the gaze of Derais.


Range: 14


In Depth Skill Explanation: Affects Seher himself


Possible Uses:

Gives Seher's team a minor sight advantage when roaming.


When Playing:

  • Slightly reduces the danger of moving past the river and the threat of counterganks/pushes.

When Playing Against:

  • Kill Seher



Binary Surge [Q]

"Seher shocks the target, dealing 80/120/160/200 (+55% INT) Spell Damage and Slows it by 20% for 4 seconds. Allies in a 14 unit radius of the target will gain 10/15/20/25% Movement Speed and Weapon Speed for the same duration. Can be cast on structures for 0 damage."


Derais rarely participates in the front line, but he is no pushover.


Energy Cost: 100/115/130/145

Cooldown: 20/17/14/11

Range: 8


In Depth Skill Explanation: The buff applies to Seher himself and creeps

Animation: High Templar Feedback, a ranged probe attack is shot from the target to allied Heroes in range


Possible Uses:

Can be used both offensively to mob a target, or defensively to retreat from a small skirmish.


When Playing:

  • Reduces the effectiveness of a countergank while greatly enhancing the team's ability to position

When Playing Against:

  • Lock down targets before they can run
  • Ward the map and avoid unnecessary early skirmishes



Ion Storm [W]

"After a 2 second delay, the target area in a 4.5 unit radius is bombarded for 5 seconds, dealing 15/25/35/45 (+8% INT) Spell Damage per second and applying a stacking Slow of 7/8/9/10% per second to afflicted units and structures. Each tick refreshes the slow duration, which lasts for 2 seconds (1 second for towers). Creeps and structures are immune to the damage."


For an extra fee, Derais not only reveals enemy strongholds, but disables them as well.








Energy Cost: 120

Cooldown: 15

Range: Global


In Depth Skill Explanation: The Slow stacks linearly. Creates a team beacon during the delay. Does not require sight to cast. Gives sight in its radius. The team beacon can be seen by both teams through the fog of war.

Animation: Hyperion ground attack


Possible Uses:

Can be used to cripple enemy Heroes and towers during a siege or deter enemy movement in the area


When Playing:

  • Force the enemy team into an unfavorable position and prevent a retreat/counterattack
  • Practice good map awareness to aid in ganks and getaways

When Playing Against:

  • The damage and initial slow are an annoyance at best, but avoid getting cornered into the spell



Advisor [E]

"Seher identifies enemy Heroes, revealing them in the fog of war for 10/15/20/25 seconds and reducing their total damage output by 6%."


No weakness or inferior tactic goes unnoticed by Derais.


Energy Cost: 125/115/105/95

Cooldown: 8

Range: 10/12/14/16


In Depth Skill Explanation: Damage reduction occurs after all boosts to damage, includes True Damage. Reveal radius is 3 units. Does not provide True Sight, but will still reveal invisible units.

Animation: Creates a red beacon at the feet of the target.


Possible Uses:

Can be used to keep tabs on the enemy team, particularly their initiators.


When Playing:

  • At maximum level, spam it every time a Hero decides to show its face. Prioritize the initiators and carries.
  • Avoid getting tunnel vision on tracked units.

When Playing Against:

  • Use the limited reveal radius to bait the enemy team.
  • Stay in the Fog of War



Wormhole Transit [R]

"Seher teleports an allied Hero to his location after a 5/4/3 second delay as long as they take no damage during the teleport delay. If the teleport is canceled, the skill will go on cooldown and no Energy will be returned."


Not a single commander has been able to outmaneuver the followers of Derais.


Energy Cost: 200/300/400

Cooldown: 80/45/10

Range: Global


In Depth Skill Explanation: Self-inflicted damage does not count. Lockbox, allied or enemy, will cancel the teleport.

Animation: Same as Transport


Possible Uses:

Grants a significant amount of mobility to the team and can be used to safely deal with pesky backdoors without sacrificing manpower.


When Playing:

  • Let the carry farm to his heart's content while still having him ready to join in teamfights and pushes.
  • Overpower lanes with sheer numbers when ganking.
  • Coordinate split-pushes to divide enemy forces before striking a single location at full power.

When Playing Against:

  • Push out empty lanes or gank the squishy caster if he's roaming alone.
  • Pick off the enemy team one by one, especially if they are split pushing.

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Bounty Hunter's Track's power lies in the mobility boost and income boost for ganks and is limited by its cost and duration/cd of 15/10. Same thing goes for Marked for Death and its damage amplification and duration/cd of 15/15. I wanted to make a skill that served a role that focused entirely on keeping tabs on the enemy team through the fog of war, though I can see the similarities.


Skywrath Mage's Sun Flare is more of a single-target nuke since the damage is absurd against single targets. The W is built more around the tower weapon speed slow and the global-annoyance potential since it only deals 225 (+40% INT) damage over 5 seconds with a 2 second delay.

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