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[HOTS] HERO CONTEST Evasion.Cracker


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Date 10/16/13

- Began creation ^-^ 10/15/13


Name: Evasion.Cracker

Portrait: Primal Hydralisk

Unit Base: Primal Hydralisk

Type: AGI Caster , Support, dps , carry, VARIES.



Starting Stats:

Base Health 240

Movement Speed 3.0

Attack Range 6.5

Attack Speed –1.7

Base Damage 50

Attack Name | Animation -

Base Armor 3

Strength – 23 + [5]

Agility – 32 + [8]

Intelligence – 19 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Negative Spell

''For every enemy hero that is in a 12 unit radius, Cracker gains 10% spell damage scaling up to 50%''.







Ability One:[Q] Negative.SS

"Grants itself physical immunity for 5(max) seconds and heals(30,75,145,200)+(X % int) them over the period."

Energy Cost: 65/95/105/125

Cooldown: 30/25/20/15

Range: none


Level 1: physical immunity for 2 seconds (+20 damage) ( heals 30)+(30% int) 5 secs

Level 2: physical immunity for 3 seconds (+35 damage) ( heals 75)+(40% int) 5 secs

Level 3: physical immunity for 4 seconds (+50 damage) ( heals 145)+(50% int) 5 secs

Level 4: physical immunity for 5 seconds (+75 damage) ( heals 200)+(60% int) for 5 seconds


Effect: This ability will help and giving you a little buff to survive better in team fights.




Ability Two:[W] Universal Push

"Pushes target unit Away from Cracker dealing damage when enemy is pushed, when the enemy is pushed they get stun for 1.3 seconds ."

Energy Cost: 70/95/110/140

Cooldown: 30/25/20/13

Range: 6


Level 1: Pushes target enemy 6 units away from Cracker and deals 50 spell Damage (30 physical damage) + (35% int)+(2% dealt as True Damage)

Level 2: Pushes target enemy 7 units away from Cracker and deals 90 spell Damage (40 physical damage) + (45% int)+(3% dealt as True Damage)

Level 3: Pushes target enemy 8 units away from Cracker and deals 120 spell Damage (60 physical damage) + (55% int)+(4% dealt as True Damage)

Level 4: Pushes target enemy 9 units away from Cracker and deals 150 spell Damage (100 physical damage) + (75% int)+(5% dealt as true Damage)


Effect: really good to get away or to help allies take down the enemy.




Ability Three:[E] Evasion Master

"Grants Negative Evasion."

Energy Cost: No cost

Cooldown: NONE

Range: NONE


Level 1: Grant Cracker 5% evasion.

Level 2: Grant Cracker 10% evasion.

Level 3: Grant Cracker 15% evasion.

Level 4: Grant Cracker 20% evasion.


Effect: This gives evasion for Cracker making him stronger and able to survive better. im not trying to make him OP so balance if needed.




Ultimate Ability:[R] Gravitation.

"A 6 unit sphere is drawn around Cracker, Heroes in the area are immobilized while he channels for 2.3 seconds and the area inside explodes and deals spell damage, dealing massive damage. "

Energy Cost: 200/250/350

Cooldown: 120/90/60

Range: 8


Level 1: 200 + (150% Int) spell Damage explodes 1 time.

Level 2: 200 + (150% Int) spell Damage explodes 2 times.

Level 3: 200+ (150% int ) Spell Damage explodes 3 times.


Effect: Huge amount of spell damage, .




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build: I would go for INT items with AGI , speed items.


Starting Items: duran's machette , or some INT depends on what you want to play


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items: Gravity, Nitro, pyre, khali blade , i dont like lethal barb , but u decide if use it or not , arc bound , explosion round or time splittler.


Core Items:


Optional Items:


--his is pretty good as an INT hero because of his abilities, but if you are good with him you can learn to play him DPS


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Ok first, I doubt that the hydra has an animation for that ulti unless you use the same one drake uses. Second, the abilities don't work that well together, all you would do is stack int and get warpshard, activate q, warp into their team and use ult. Maybe every once in awhile warp behind an enemy and push them into your team if you won't insta-die. There aren't many things you could do with the hero besides this. If you build him dps, how will he attack the target? He has no way to stick to a target, no dps steroids, nothing scales off AD, and he is melee. All reasons why he can't be built dps. Also, he has no synergy except protecting himself so he can get into enemy team and use ult. That is it. Negative boros won't become a better hero if you change the name and model. ^^

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I don't understand, does he have weapon damage scalings on Q and W?


Also that ult is really imbalanced as a concept (not just because of the scaling) since there is no way to escape it without interrupting Cracker. It's the definition of feast or famine as not everyone will be able to interrupt it, making it an easy, almost guaranteed kill against people who can't.


As a general rule of thumb, INT/Weapon Damage scalings are supposed to be constant through levels, whereas base damage is what increases. There are some exceptions (Zeratul's W comes to mind) but generally you want a good reason to do something different as it disrupts the power curve of the hero.

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This is a personal opinion, but [the w universal push] pushing a unit that far away and stunning them obviously if used improperly would benefit the hero being push/stunned. But I feel a stun is better. It's a decent initation if just a stun alone and I feel inhouses may be hard for proper unit positioning to get that push into teams. But on the flipside of the coin I see it's benefits. If a unit is runing away and you can double back around to face them you could push them into your team for a likely death. But I'm not a big fan of pushing them, let alone potentially pushing them that far. Just a few thoughts

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the ult is not sutnned... is immobilized giving you time and the oppportunity of using a warp sharp, impact dial , lockbox or haveing a friend takeing you outta there


Roots (which is what I assume immobilization means) stop you from using mobility skills as far as I know. Impact dial is also gimmicky and won't save you if you were attacking him when he used his ult.


I'm just saying that it's not good for gameplay. Either your entire team is hit with an incredibly long root (2.3 seconds) and massive AoE damage with tremendous scaling, or nothing happens because the ult gets cancelled. It's almost useless in a competitive setting and when it does work it's far more frustrating to be hit with than to use as the character is sitting there channeling while everyone affected can't do anything about it.

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