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[HOTS Contest] [HERO] Alatar Fitcher


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Name: Alatar Fitcher

Portrait: Alexei Stukov

Unit Base: Alexei Stukov

Role: Caster

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Script: A long lost forgotten mad mage from the old era. Found during a terran sweep on the frozen lands of titan incased in a lifepod. Under the advanced medical treatment from Egon Stetman Alatar was brought back to life. He escaped the facility and now seeks knowledge on what happened to him in the past and bound by vengeance he seeks to destoy all who oppose him.




Starting Stats:

Base Health – 250

Movement Speed – 2.7

Attack Range – 4

Attack Speed – 1.65

Base Damage – 24

Attack Name | Animation - Orb of Ice | Shoot a ice bolt from the Orb

Base Armor – 3

Strength – 22 (+5)

Agility – 28 (+4)

Intelligence – 40 (+6)



Energise Supremus [Hero Passive]

"Alatar extracts the energy from the area surrounding him. Increases energy regen for Alatar and his nearby allies by 5."


Drain [Q] Active

"Alatar uses his dark energy to consume targets current life force"

Level 1: 9% life of current health Spell damage (+10% int) transports to alatar.

Level 2: 13% life of current health Spell damage(+13% int) transports to alatar.

Level 3: 15% life of current health Spell damage(+16% int) transports to alatar.

Level 4: 20% life of current health Spell damage(+20% int) transports to alatar.



Energy Cost:

10%/13/%/15%/20% Maximum Energy






Voicus Rightnoisus [W] (Passive)

Proton, neutron, get gone ! Alatar moves faster then his surroundings , increases his base movement speed


Level 1: 2,5%

Level 2: 5%

Level 3: 7,5%

Level 4: 10%


Mage Armor [E] Active

Mage Armor spells bolster the target's defense against physical blows.

When cast, a glowing teal light encompasses the target, fortifying them.

Alatar enhances target with a enhanced barrier of ice. Increasing armor rating for several seconds.

If hit by melee damage the targets weapon and movement speed is lowered by 10%


Level 1: Increasing armor rating by 3 for 15 seconds

Level 2: Increasing armor rating by 6 for 15 seconds

Level 3: Increasing armor rating by 9 for 15 seconds

Level 4: Increasing armor rating by 12 for 15 seconds


Energy Cost:

15%/20/%/25%/30% Maximum Energy






Puppet Master [R] Active

Alatar breaks the mind of target,making him fight for his master with increased movement and weaponspeed (15%)

for several seconds. If target is more then 6 units away from Alatar the mind is set free.


Level 1: Target under Alatars control for 3 seconds

Level 2: Target under Alatars control for 4 seconds

Level 3: Target under Alatars control for 5 seconds


Energy Cost:

25%/40/%/50% Maximum Energy





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The idia is cool.I love the idea of his ulti , atleast if i got it right.

But i think the w passive is a bit too weak, i would make something like 1/3/5/7.

And the Ability cost is to much aswell on some in my opinion.

But nevermind i never created heroes,this are just thoughts.


And i got a question.How exactly does R work?

Can u take control of an hero and use his spells or is it just like MK Ulti.

And if yes, are the cooldowns of this units reset so u can use them or do u need to time it.

For example, if u want to contol zera and bubble their team, could you do so if it would be on cooldown?

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His heroic passive is useless late game...

His W also seems useless, 1% is too little.

His E, 12 armor is pretty too much high): Even Toxi's W doesnt give that much armor.

Energy Cost for abilities are TOO DAMN HIGH): Using 3 of his abilities will COMPLETELY exhaust his energy already.

Some suggestions, change his herioc passive to % of energy, his W needs to have more movement speed, cause I dont find the need to upgrade that ability after level 1.

If you want to make him energy starved, make his ulti and other abilities have about 60-80,110,150 for his Q and E and ulti maybe 200-300-400

Why are your cooldowns increasing as you level your abilities up):

Increase the Q's cooldown cause 20% of health at lvl 4 is a little too high for a 16 second cooldown...

(All these suggestions are made based on my noobness)

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The hero needs a bit of work. There is absolutely no reason to lvl up w at all, it gives the same bonus at all lvls, which is bad. Q is fine. Passive is good. E gives too much armor, nerf the amount of armor it gives, then we can give it a sexy effect to make the hero more interesting. R is just a stun, except you move them into your team instead of them not moving, and it would be quite OP (you would just ulti any squishy on their team and move them into your team). Overall problems: The hero is tailored to the support role well, but the mechanics of the skills aren't quite right. The ulti would be fine as long as it has long range but you can't control them (they just attack the nearest enemy).

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