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[HOTS Hero Contest] [Hero] Defcon.Prime


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- Began creation


- Made changes to passive, W, and ult.




Name: Defcon.Prime

Portrait: Widow Mine

Unit Base: Widow Mine

Role: Caster/Assassin Hybrid

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Script: Few know about the failed experiment that is Defcon. Originally part of a series of sabotage and infiltration units, Defcon was the last surviving unit by the end of the program. Having been given a synthesized organic brain in order to reason and make decisions under time pressure, Defcon resented the fact that he was being decommissioned and repurposed as a cleaning robot.

Taking advantage of the vast knowledge he gained during his missions, he broke out of containment and set out to reduce the world he was raised on to a barren wasteland. In mere weeks, he had set off enough nuclear devices to reduce cities to rubble and irradiate most of the surface of the planet, resulting in a major environmental collapse. As the Terrans fled, Defcon followed them, now committed to reducing all Terran worlds to ashes one by one.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 225

Movement Speed 2.95

Attack Range 1.5

Attack Speed 1.75

Base Damage 31

Attack Name - Electrocute

Base Armor 2

Strength – 24 (+4)

Agility – 25 (+4)

Intelligence – 41 (+5)






Information Warfare [Passive]

"Defcon gains vision around nearby enemy turrets, wards, and summoned units."




Exterminate [Q]

"Defcon becomes momentarily untargetable and deals Spell damage to nearby units over 4 seconds."

Level 1: 70 (+70% INT) Spell damage per second

Level 2: 110 (+70% INT) Spell damage per second

Level 3: 150 (+70% INT) Spell damage per second

Level 4: 190 (+70% INT) Spell damage per second


Energy Cost: 90/110/130/150

Cooldown: 24

Range: n/a


In Depth Skill Explanation:

Burrows into the ground over one second, then deals the damage in a sizeable radius (I recommend around 6.5 units).

The untargetability lasts 1.5 seconds, not the full duration of the ability. He is immune to AoE during the intargetability.



Red AoE field centered around Defcon.


When Playing:

  • Exterminate deals massive AoE damage, so hitting as many enemies as possible is key
  • Wait for the right moment before going into a fight

When Playing Against:

  • Interrupting Defcon before he gets this ability off is key as he will deal a lot of damage otherwise
  • Defcon is immobilized and cannot attack during Exterminate




Tesla Bolt [W]

"Defcon electrocutes a target, dealing Spell damage and slowing it by 35% for 1.2 seconds. If the target is in melee range, it is stunned instead of slowed."

Level 1: 60 (+40% INT) Spell damage

Level 2: 110 (+40% INT) Spell damage

Level 3: 160 (+40% INT) Spell damage

Level 4: 210 (+40% INT) Spell damage


Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

Range: 7



Light blue projectile with a short travel time.


When Playing:

  • Tesla Bolt will consume all shields on cast to deal bonus damage
  • Using this combined with Mossberg Taser can prevent an enemy from escaping Exterminate if they are not fast enough

When Playing Against:

  • Breaking through Defcon's shields will reduce the damage he will do to his target




Taurus Relay [E]

"Defcon places a visible device which grants vision in a small radius and cannot be destroyed. When Defcon uses Exterminate [Q], he sends electrical arcs at Taurus relays within range, slowing and damaging enemies struck."

Level 1: 25% slow, 30 (+20% INT) Spell damage per second.

Level 2: 35% slow, 50 (+20% INT) Spell damage per second.

Level 3: 45% slow, 70 (+20% INT) Spell damage per second.

Level 4: 55% slow, 90 (+20% INT) Spell damage per second.



Energy Cost: 40

Cooldown: 2.5

Range: 4 (placement)



Red lightning!


When Playing:

  • Set up Taurus Relays in bushes and other places where they will not be immediately seen
  • Taurus relays can be used as rudimentary wards if you are attentive
  • Try to position yourself so that enemies have to run through the lightning in order to escape

When Playing Against:

  • Don't step on the relays as Defcon can see you even if you are in the fog of war
  • Try to avoid teamfighting between Taurus Relays




Electromagnetic Veil [R]


"Defcon gains a shield that increases in strength over two seconds. After two seconds, he becomes cloaked and undetectable for as long as the shield persists or he has not attacked within three seconds."


Level 1: Gain 150 (+80% INT) shields. 8 second duration.

Level 2: Gain 300 (+80% INT) shields. 10 second duration.

Level 3: Gain 450 (+80% INT) shields. 12 second duration.


Energy Cost: 125

Cooldown: 100/80/60

Range: n/a

In Depth Skill Explanation:

Truesight will not reveal Defcon during this ability. Only destroying the shield will remove the stealth. Using an ability or attack will also temporarily remove the stealth.


When Playing:

  • Try to avoid casting this while you are being bursted down as the shield will be destroyed immediately.
  • Great for setting up ambushes
  • Standing still near foliage can make you harder to see
  • Can be used to escape if you cast it as late as possible

When Playing Against:

  • Spam AoE spells at Defcon's cloak shimmer in order to reveal him


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AROUND nearby enemy cloaked units and structures? Firstly, can you attack say a cloaked rancor? Or does it mean that if a rancor is cloaked and in the fog of war you get his location revealed? If so, is it global, and how can you explain it not working on non-cloaked targets? And structures.... does that mean you can see around enemy T3 towers, even from the low ground? Is it an anti-ward passive?



Also, ult seems incredibly weak... one decent aoe burst and good-bye ult... I do like the truesight not working on it part, however. Also, does w remove just the 30% current sheilds, or all of them? Because not being able to use one of your main abiliites while ult is up takes away from the whole stealth assassin thing.



Last thing: is E range of 4 the placement range from defcom, or is it the radius of the lightning coming from the taurus relay? Once placed, can defcom activate them from everywhere, or does he have to be within a certain range of them first?


Otherwise, I like the concept.

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Passive: Meant to feel like you're using the enemy's wards against them. It only works in a radius around the player, though.

Ult: It has to be a weak shield because the only form of counterplay is to destroy the shield. It can be combined with shield items to make it much more difficult to break.

E is the placement range. It triggers whenever the Relay is in Exterminate's AoE.


I'm considering making some changes, namely increasing the ult shield and making the passive only work on turrets, wards, and placed structures (spyder mins, gara turrets, etc).

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