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The New Tassadar


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A few versions ago, Tassadar was quite the overpowered hero, due to his insane dps from q and his clone. Now however, is that still the case? When I play Tassadar nowadays, I find the clone dies instantly and I find myself killed soon after because then all I am is a somewhat tanky hero that cannot do enough damage. Opinions? I would also appreciate some builds to compare with, as I personally aim to boost survivability and intelligence.

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this is due to;



electric mantle is now an active so its fairly useless on clone now

parralax was nerfed

super heated mantle components were changed so its not as easy to get at start

mineral items were nerfed

internal CD on stars fury was nerfed

stun baton was removed and stun knife is an active so useless on clone

silver soul was nerfed & made into an active which clone cant use

lightning rod no longer has a strength attribute making him have less hp

bandits artifice was removed

masamune was removed

aggresors guise was removed

shrink ray was removed

cerebro was changed into a completely different item

hand of mengsk was changed completely


there is more but i cant remember them



clone hp was nerfed really hard

ulti leash range was nerfed

ulti cast time was nerfed

Q was nerfed

W was nerfed

E was nerfed


so every ability and heroic passive was nerfed



weapon damage is now more easily farmed

weapon speed is now more easily farmed resulting in clone dying from 2 hits


so yes tass has had the $% nerfed out of him constantly and is no longer that good as you are stuck between trying to get enough dps due to tanks being ridiculously beefy since item changes & trying to stay alive


i really miss this game before the item patch :(

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I think he can do very reasonable up to now.

Personaly i almost never play tass, but saw very good ones(atleast in my opinion).


I would go atomsmasher, rod, gravity, complete cerebro, darksteel, nitrogen and an situational item.

(In addition i think sliptside, eternity, yamato, stars and TS are also very viable options)

Nontanks are almost oneshoted and u are tanky enough to survive an reasonable amount of time in teamfights.

Another way would be just initialater tank.

In no order - just suggested items :

Something like DST, barbed, nanosuit, cerebro for farm mb,chilling, CoA, carapice , SHM and stuff like that..

But nevermind, mb i am outdated since i can't play for some weeks already.


I'm writing from my phone, so i hope it won't be that of an horrible englisch.

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I used to play tass alottt, but now i rarely do, its because the clone to too squishy lolz. i normally go SHM first on tass cause 2 clones together will deal some damage with it and next i go cerebro cause the proc on him is good and also gives him some int. Then follow up with stars fury/atom smasher situational then end with gravity, shadowmourne and pyre. Although he already has the ability to create a clone, its nice to have a 3rd clone hitting them from behind :p

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INT/Burst is the most viable way to play him in my opinion right now. The clone (as Quid said) and the shields scale with INT.


Core Items: Cerebro, Gravity Edge, Atom Smasher/Star's Fury


Star's fury vs. Atom smasher is a tough question, but usually I find myself going with atom smasher. Atom smasher absolutely wrecks AAs with it's slow. If you can time it properly between the clone and the real Tass, you can slow them almost permanently. Tass's best role right now is hunting down and bursting down key targets in a teamfight, especially AAs. With his movespeed from shields and his pulls, he has a longer reach than many most bursty/damage spellcasters. Since your priority target is usually an AA, it makes sense to go atom smasher over star's... It'll help keep your clone alive too, as the enemy DPS won't be putting out as much DPS.

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no, the hp of the clone is right where it should be. tass was pretty op when the clone was tanky a heck.


the clone scales with int. btw more int u have the more life the clone has

yeah but i just feel like its too small a base starting hp for the clone as any hero can 1-2 shot it

i would just like to see the base hp of it go up and in exchange drop the scaling of the int a touch maybe so its not so squishy early game

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yeah but i just feel like its too small a base starting hp for the clone as any hero can 1-2 shot it

i would just like to see the base hp of it go up and in exchange drop the scaling of the int a touch maybe so its not so squishy early game


The clone needs to be squishy right now because of ability proc'ed item effects.


The basic balance issue here is that Tass can double proc item effects like LR, Cerebro, Atom Smasher, Star's, etc. As long as his swipe procs ability item effects of cerebro/smasher/bhm/star's he will need to be placed in the semi-fragile burst hero class. Nerfing his clone was a simpler way to address the actual balance issue of item effects. A better answer would be to make it so that swipe doesn't proc item effects and give his clone back some health. Then he could still be played sem-burst caster, but it would take micro instead of just A-moving into the enemy and getting four item procs off without even doing anything as far as micro.

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if im ahead early in the lane phase this is how i build tass and i normally do extremely well in inhouses.


1. lost treasure

2. machete

3. lighting rod

4. ocelots revolver

5. turn ocelots into atom smasher

6. super heated mantle

7. nitrogen

8. sell treasure build gravity edge

9. sell machete for life tech

10. finish cebero from lighting rod

11. sell atom smasher and buy stars fury.



this gives you a crap ton of damage and makes you tanky as hell

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Star Fury, Cebero, SHM, Atom, Gravity, 1 Spell Resist items or Nitrogen. You slap a shadow twice and he disappear from the map.... I don't know why did this kind of hero exist... Literally destroy every dps except Darpa and Shadow who can escape from his ult or get out of his melee range... And he don't even need to use skill, double Cebero and Atom still deal tons of dmg...

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I'd like to see the tower aggro the clone if it attacks a hero.


Currently you can send in your clone with a creep wave and harass and kill the enemy hero that is under the tower with the clone and the tower will not attack it until the creep wave is gone. I don't care how squishy the clone can sometimes be, that's just an OP feature IMO. Its too easy to push a lane and keep sending in your clone to easily harass and poke the enemy guarding that tower/lane.

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