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[HotS Hero Competition] Lenassa.Adept


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Name: Lenassa.Adept

Portrait: Oracle Portrait

Unit Base: Oracle

Type: AGI (Tank/Carry hybrid)

Script: This adept is one of a rare group of protoss who wander the universe. Little is known about them, but rumors tell that they can cross boundaries, reshape reality and manipulate time itself. As an agent of fate, the Adept has appeared to turn the tide in the Sanctum.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 300

Movement Speed – 3

Attack Range – 5

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage – 32

Attack Name | Animation - Pulsar beam

Base Armor – 6

Strength – 28

Agility – 34

Intelligence – 28




Heroic Passive: Envision

Lenassa gains +1.5 Sight Range and +5% Movement speed per enemy hero in an 8-unit radius.


Effect: Strong zone control and team fight assist.




Ability One: Pulsar Beam

"Lenassa's weapon deals Spell Damage in the target (3-unit) area. Enemies damaged by this ability lose Movement Speed for 1 second, stacking up to 3 times."

Energy Cost: 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: 21/20/19/18

Range: 6


Level 1: 3 sec channel, 8% slow

Level 2: 4 sec channel, 12% slow

Level 3: 5 sec channel, 16% slow

Level 4: 6 sec channel, 20% slow


Effect: Would literally deal the oracle's weapon damage, with a period of its weapon speed, but with the area and slow. Procs all on-hit item effects.




Ability Two: Revelation

Lenassa releases a blast of energy in a 3-unit area, silencing enemies for 3 seconds and granting allies Spell Resist for 5 seconds.

Energy Cost: 80/90/100/110

Cooldown: 17/16/15/14

Range: self-cast


Level 1: 15% spell res

Level 2: 20% spell res

Level 3: 25% spell res

Level 4: 30% spell res


Effect: Great in teamfights and in combination with E.




Ability Three: Extrapolate

Lenassa dashes to the target unit, dealing Spell Damage to enemies in its path. If the target is envisioned (within 8 units of oracle) its position will be switched with Lenassa's.

Energy Cost: 80/90/100/110

Cooldown: 25/23/21/19

Range: 9/10/11/12


Level 1: 90[+300% Armor] damage, 9 unit range

Level 2: 120[+300% Armor] damage, 10 unit range

Level 3: 150[+300% Armor] damage, 11 unit range

Level 4: 180[+300% Armor] damage, 12 unit range


Effect: Don't say it makes no sense. Enemies are getting hit by those armored pointy points. It would not switch allies, and switched enemies would still take the damage.




Ultimate Ability: Temporal Strands

Lenassa passively gains +8% Physical Resist, +6% Spell Resist, and +15/+20/+25 Weapon Damage for every 10% of Missing Health. Lenassa can temporarily sacrifice this bonus to clear all debuffs and gain [40/60/80% Missing Health] Time Scale for 6 seconds

Energy Cost: 150/150/150

Cooldown: 100/90/80

Range: Self-cast


Level 1: +15 w.d., 40% missing health

Level 2: +20 w.d., 60% missing health

Level 3: +25 w.d., 80% missing health


Effect: Increased tankiness and panic button.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build: :ForceofEntropy:,:ShinobiStyle, :CoatofArms:,:GalacticDefender:, :DarwinsMight:, :ChillingArtifact:


Starting Items: :DuransMachette:, :PulseHammer:,:StunKnife:


Mid-Game Items: :PhaseCloak:,:ShinobiStyle: :IsomorphicPyre:, :CoatofArms:, :ForceofEntropy:


Late-Game Items::SliptideScythe:, :ChillingArtifact:,:GalacticDefender:,:TimeSplitter::KorhalVanguard:, :ContaminationShard::DarwinsMight:


Core Items: :CoatofArms:, :ForceofEntropy:,:GalacticDefender:


Not great at item theory crafting. What do you guys think would be good items?


Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion! (sorry for item icons :/)

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She still relies on her weapon for damage dealing, so you will a hybrid between carry and tank, however you must take advantage of the resists given by her abilities by stacking health and spell res/armor (with coat of arms and FoE for example)


Kind of like kerri but AGI and more focused on resists than massive STR


Thoughts on the items?

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The items follow from the role you intend to play the hero in. That said, I would build lifesteal on her and drain tank people with those free resistances. Lifesteal effectively increases your health pool, allowing you to build damage while still surviving in fights. AoE physical damage helps a lot to make that work.


I'm not saying I don't like the idea, but it's a versatile one.

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The w is very OP, it has a good knockback in a large radius, a silence in a large radius, and it also gives spell resist to your allies, as if the first two effects weren't already strong when combined. This skill would be an amazing ulti, and you have it as a low cd regular skill. Lowering the duration of the silence and the duration of the spell resist buff I think would fix the problem, but even if you don't do that this problem needs to be addressed.

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Hmm, you're right. I think remove the push (since E already gives the potential to move enemies) and reduce the area to 3 from 6.


Also changed the Q to spell damage (Because on second thought, if you fought ANYWHERE near creeps you could just heal up instantly in the middle of a battle). Still would proc pyre, shadowmourne, whatever.


Changed ulti's active to scale with levels.


Updated excel snapshot.

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Im not sure if I understand the ultimate correctly, would you get 80% of your missing hp or just 80% time scale. Because if your missing 1k hp, wouldn't you get up to 800% timescale O.o

You gain the timescale based off of the percent of hp you are missing not the actual amount. A hero with 1000 max hp and 250 current hp would gain the same amount of timescale as a hero with 2000 max hp and 500 current hp.
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You gain the timescale based off of the percent of hp you are missing not the actual amount. A hero with 1000 max hp and 250 current hp would gain the same amount of timescale as a hero with 2000 max hp and 500 current hp.



What moo said


So if you have 3k health and you're down to 1k, you'll get about +53% timescale with lv3 ulti.

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