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IH guide for Vorpal


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Vorpal is very good competetive hero, very long was 1st pick ban material, currently going out-of-fashion of the meta, forgotting about him, similiar story like with jakson, or vergil.


Vorpal is played mainly as a tank in IH . His second role is aoe burst dmg for teamfights (int build). Sometimes U go mix. It all depends on what Ur team needs, on the compositions, situations etc. Vorpal is great esp vs heavy spell dmg, squishy line-ups (cause of his tankiness/passive/his own huge aoe dmg potential)


He is one of best offlaners and very strong mid hero. U can always surge Ur creeps back closer to tower. And spam spells/abillities (javelin on the lane).

The main factor of playing vorpal is learning when and how to surge, it goes with learning of proper timing, safetiness, communication with team, and again what Ur team have and enemy have.

His another thing is learning the javelins, which is not that hard and long to achieve.


Most of the time in IH U go ult followed Up immidietly with a surge pulling enemies back into ult again (forward surge). Sometimes U wanna surge people back (for example If U have rory- steavie) or more as an Initiator- Warp shard is great for that purpose (blink into backward surge and when they try to run-> ult). Basicly rory is very strong combo with vorpal - IF those players know how to play and do it (cause like wrote previous in the scenario, then they cant run in any direction- steavie/vorp ult-> they die from one or another one) If not U can make Ur rory useless-> surging people from molo/steavie (So vorpal is good with and vs rory). Vorpal Can also help Ur team to evade some many other skills with the surge . But U can also combo Vorpal well with many other heroes (for example jakson, vergil for aoe burst dmg and other heroes etc etc) for huge wombo combos.


If U play vorpal offlane, surge back Ur creeps back when they spawn, and start moving clumped. Try to harass enemy heroes/lasthit creeps with javelin- If safe with aa. Don't waste Ur surge stupidly, agressivly. In this situation its mainly Ur defensive ability- get out free jail card. If they are pushing U surge creeps even more back from tower clearing them out (backward surge)


Thats all I am pretty sure about and confident with.






If it comes to build order Im not a pro vorpal, its not my main hero, but I would suggest 2-3 skill builds (javelin oriented or not), shortly skilling abillities according to needs and situation. (Anyway U should start with surge first always)


Focus on Javelin If U want to harass more/lasthit more (if its possible-effective).

If not U wanna max surge for more teamfight/clearing creep wave possiblity (Still suggesting maxing surge over jav)

U can even go Max surge, 1 in javelin for stun and max passive for more teamfight presence (teamfight oriented vorpal <- mostly would suggest this build in most cases)


Still most people will go Max surge into max javelin with ult whenever possible.


Common items on vorpal - tank/int-tank items

In current meta - korhal/spellbuffer into other items (dst/coa/chilling/swordbreaker/taser or transitioning to more dmg - int oriented build- like nitrogen/ihan/yamato/grav). For more pure tank items there is also ofc litetech or organic.


Other items builds - shm rush into something like nitrogen - tankiness , aoe dmg constant slow (more selfish build, its more tank dmg oriented build into earlygame~midgame, shm out of fashion in meta- after the recent patch with item changes, huge part of this is components of shm being more costly and removing gpm googles out of it and buffing/adding more team oriented items). But for more selfish - tank oriented build, not tank/dps mix, U can just rush dst.


Other very good-strong items on vorpal like mentioned before in post (warpshard!!!!!! impact dial), barbed plating (mainly tank build), parallax will be core vs silences/some stuns/heroes with huge dot like rory/toxi/egon lol etc


Currently I didnt tested atom smasher on Vorpal, but maybe it could be nice situational pickup with javelin spam if it proced the aoe slow + bonus dmg.


Dont forget about gpms early game If U want them (esp googles for health, lost treasure IF u wanna health regen)- more midgame/lategame impact


As long as U surive pure health is better than higher spell res on vorpal cause of his passive.


Gl Hf







Mainly to answer Ur question, it depends on compositions and items. U need experience of what is and will be happening at teamfights. Most of the time vorpal is front tank or second initiator (surging people/chaing positioning according to stiuation and experience, back into abillities, or pulling enemies back from Ur team depend on what is happening). He can be played as main initiator (but U will lose much dmg or positioning with Ur team- mainly pulling enemies away from Ur team and their skills/dmg)- to help solve this issue and enable vorpal to be played more as main initiator warpshard would be huge pickup. If U have huge wombo combos aoe burst comp U need to timing Ur combos together (for example vorpal, vergil, cow/dustin comp)


Practice, practice and one more time practice :)

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Yea, pretty much the same as what SMN said, but here's what I got.


Here's a guide I made on him somewhat recently on coregaming.... Been slowly formating them for AOS.com, so I'll format this one shortly.


Vorpal is part tank, part INT caster, part disable, and part initiation. He can also be built AA, but that is much weaker. He used to be picked or banned almost always, but recently has fallen out of favor due in large part to the strength of stuns in the current meta. Faceplant comps don't work as well as they used to and every AA has a stun available in stun knife. This makes faceplant or Ult combo team make-ups very weak. Although those two roles have fallen into the background, he's still a decent tank/caster and one of the best solo long lane heroes in the game.


Talents: 1-4-1 Might, health, Armor, Spell Resist, Fortify, and Swiftness. Fortify is amazing and allows you to build slightly more greedy on the INT side, while maintaining tanking ability. Some people like wealth and goggles first on him, but energy talents are wasted on him as his abilities cost orbs and not mana.


Abilities: QEE(stats)ERE... Max Q next, then stats, then W last. W is mostly useless. Get one level of Q for your escape long lane. Max E first so you can last hit better.


Build: Like all other tanks/support/aura carriers your build will hinge on who's carrying what team item and what role you are fulfilling. I like to go korhal if I'm not going to be the primary tank, as it gives great stats in both armor and spell resist for the cost and is built from a gp10. If you are going spell buffer as well, make sure to get treasure as soon as possible as well.


This build will be an example of what I feel to be a middle ground in terms of balance between tank and caster. Something to keep in mind is that even if you are a tank, you must be a threat somehow to the enemy team, otherwise you will just be ignored and not add anything to the team fight except pulling with surge and root with your E. It's much like an Erekul who builds all tank, no INT. You'll never die, but everyone will just ignore you until the rest of your team dies as you stand around doing nothing. The threat Vorpal poses is his Ult-surge combo, which you need INT for.


Early game: Goggles>Kohal>Buckler


Mid game: Ihan>DST>Nitrogen


Late Game: Gravity Edge>Organic>Situational item replacing Ihan


End buid: Nitrogen Retrofit, DST, ORganic Carapce, Korhal, Gravity Edge. A great choice from there would usuallu be either spell buffer or Lifetech Nanosuit. Nanosuit is much better, just depends on if someone else can carry buffer for you. Also, consider Warpshard if you are needed as an initiator. You can also consider Parallax if CC is the issue.


You can go more caster if you want, but going any more tanky than this will render your ult surge a very tame threat, greatly reducing your usefulness to the team, so I advise against it. Really your build will revolve around what order you buy in. Full Caster; maybe Ihan, Nitro, Gravity edge. Full Tank; Korhal, Lifetech, DST, Nitro. It all depends on the needs of your team.




Laning: Usually laned solo hard because he has an escape, a disable/root and can last hit well. Do not use your surge aggresively, you will get ganked. Don't worry about harassing enemies. Just use your E to last hit creep and defend tower. Don't be afraid to surge creep waves toward your own tower if you are gtting too much heat in the middle of the lane.


Gank: He can be a helpful tool when ganking an opponent or keeping others at bay with his E while your gank can go off. His Ult Surge can be very good for assisting in ganking as well. Make sure to communicate before you surge into an enemy team when other teammates are around you so you don't surge them into an enemy and get them killed. He's a relatively effective counter push in acute situations. If they have a few pushers ganging up, don't be afraid to ult surge a lane to clear it. Vorpal can also cover retreats and lock people down you are chasing, prioritize doing so to help get kills or cover your team as they retreat, then surge your way out after they are safe.


Teamfight: You should be near the middle of the team formation, by the tank if you have another one, so you can ult surge when the right moment hits. Avoid taking allies with you unless they are heroes that would want to, like micro, drake, balrog, etc. Your surge can disrupt channels, pulls, and projectiles (Cain ult, brine pull, nova snare, Jackson beam, and many more). After you ult surge you should focus on disrupting key spellcasters like Rancor, Null, vergil, drake ult, etc. If your team would rather you lock down the enemy AA, try to keep your E on him, you should have enough for 2-3 after your surge ult.

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I only dont agree about W being almost useless. People completly understimate this skill. This is one of reasons why u pick vorpal vs aoe compositions. It is still strong passive. Before nerf IT WAS the best passive in entire game (when it also gave resistance phys/spell).


I even remember a time when i was fat vorpal in IH. And enemy team basicly killed themselves clumped up after only molo + enemy int vergil (their main farmed hero) + some other int caster making combo on me (only vergil caused ~40% of health pool damage to his own team). But I had much hp and they were clumped + squishy. U need to remember its true dmg.


As for talents I would propably go the same :)

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Ihan works, cause it gives U more int for cheap price over time for Ur combo + It gives U also permament health. (even active heal is not that terrible, it can be useful).


Yes people are greedy and getting wealth for insta gpm item.


But If U wanna have possiblity of lasthitting properly U kinda need might + even hatchet. If I didnt need this + dmg for lasthit/deny I would just went + spell dmg or zeal or undying even.


I dont say that going more into utility is terrible choice (getting even talents like overlord for heavypush/against push, or transport against push lineups).


But I feel exactly like gino said, going def tree enables U to be way more greedy on dmg item picks (more int in case of vorpal). Fortify is insane, its 50% both phys and spell reduction for the most important part/timing of teamfight (Ur like basicly on tychus ult). Its the best ultimate talent for pure power, teamfight, lategame imo (if ur not going/fight vs pushing splitpush lineup- than transport can be way better)



As for his passive, yes i feel that maybe scaling of his passive considering range could be adjusted better, but still W is good skill but more situational (and for this U should pick vorpal properly according to compositions, position and timing Ur skills properly, for example he still is one of best heroes vs vergil)

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i should have just read this post instead of spending weeks learning vorpal.

i totally agree with all the posts but if i may add, Vorpal is also viable as tanky caster.


... Clearly you are not reading this post "slowly and carefully reading each word"....

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Can't, unless they're running inside his ult after the surge

If a vorpal surge+ults an entire team I can almost guarantee you that the team who got combined will get wiped by vorpal team since the entire enemy team will be low and out of position.
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If a vorpal surge+ults an entire team I can almost guarantee you that the team who got combined will get wiped by vorpal team since the entire enemy team will be low and out of position.


" he can teamwipe a 5 man team bunched together" - I considered this is Mar talking about Vorpal do all the work by himself, if he said that Vorpal are initiating the fight then yea, Wipe...

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" he can teamwipe a 5 man team bunched together" - I considered this is Mar talking about Vorpal do all the work by himself, if he said that Vorpal are initiating the fight then yea, Wipe...

He said as long as there was a main tank, which means your team is there.
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a vorpal doing initiation duties may not multiple kills in one go, but, if there was another initiator or another tank thats being gangbanged by a 5 man team, even if each has 60% or 70% HP , and a vorpal shows up, they all know they gonna die. probably only a boros would survive.,..

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