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Duran's Machette a bit too strong


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I think most people don't notice this as much because the item is pretty cheap, and it is supposed to be. However, the stats are really good, and the unique freaking amazing, I'd spend the money for that alone on a couple heros. Anyway, I think the unique should change to be like 10 hp per shot, and a nerf to the base stats would be nice.


You know it's a little too powerful when people are getting 2 or 3 of an item with a lot of it in its unique. I mean, who gets 3 pyres? People have been getting 2 or 3 machettes as their first items because it is amazing, for its price.


In conjunction with Lethal Barb (these items are ridiculous together near the beginning), machete gives a ton of leech/heal. I get really annoyed how AA heros are easily best at laning, other than a few super-laning guys like Garamond and Queen.

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Yes, the unique gives enough sustain to get back to full from half in one creep wave of attacking, and it gives good attack speed and makes aa's have a good early game hp pool. Overall I think it is too strong, but the nerf shouldn't be harsh, as it is an early game item after all. I think your suggestion of making the leech 10 hp instead of 14 would be a good fix, +1

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