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Darpa Guide ( Pub ) - Death From....


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So I have been using this guy for 2 week, got some feedback and come up with a guide.


- Talents : Fury, Might, Veteran, Fitness, Swiftness, Youth


- Skill set : Q - W - Q - E - Q - R - Q and max W then E


Starting items : 3 Fusion blade, try to ks all the creep ( hit it when the creep got half/1 health bar left ), then back get machete and 1 more fusion blade if got enough.


Early / Mid games : Try to get phase cloak and stun knife and then complete Timesplitter with Shinobi style


Final builds : Timesplitter - Shinobi Style - Shadowmourne - Con Shard ( Pyre is not needed since your attack speed should be around 0.5 at this point already ) - Galatic Defender - Organic / FoE


Playstyle : So this starting is design to get first blood with or without runes, start Q and W. Since you gotta go back to base to get your stuff, your opponent should already show up ( take short lane, solo or a partner ). Take the runes ( very rare that any pub will give a damn about early runes and how it work ), come to lane behind your opponent and shoot, that's all, once you shot 3 TIMES, throw your q. Darpa skill scale with his passive, the more of this "passive or red dots" you land, the stronger his skill are.


And there you go the first blood, the starting of the early dominance. Try to last hit the best as you can, during laning phase, if your opponent get aggresive just land 2/3 shot and throw a mine into your opponent face. He should be around half health right now, if he try again, just kill him. I usually got about 1k at 7 min mark. After you got your cloak you're ready to go, try to gank every, single, "squishy" champion on the map. Your Q got about 300 - 450 spell damage at full stack so you should be able to do pretty well with it, plus darpa got insane mobility from his r ( can jump through terrain ). Once you got stunknife, everything becomes easy. Cloak - Stun - Q - Follow the opponent until he's dead, if not r up and finish it. This play style encouraged darpa to become an assassin more then a hard aa carry. Just shinobi, kill the squishy, jump out, wait for timesplitter cd then go in again. Even after the ult nerf, the mobility from R is still insane.


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