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[Null.Disruptor v 1.144] CC Machine, Spell Damage out


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Might (+15 Weapon Damage)

Fitness (+180 HP)

Integrity (+6 Armor)

Swiftness (+6% Movespeed)

Youth (+230 Energy)

Wealth (+200 Minerals)



Core Items:



Null is very powerful right now and has a fairly high skill cap. He is a CC machine that can be played INT, INT/AA, support, or any combination thereof. Most Of the time IH he is played as a combination of Support, INT, AA in roughly that order. Where he really shines is CC, possibly the best of any hero in the game. Null should be the king of assists. Many times you could have more assists than your tank/initiator.

Abilities: 1-2-3 Might, Health, Integrity, Swiftness, Youth, Wealth. I take might because his AA animation is amazing for last hitting.

Skills: QEEWERE... max E, then Q. Your E does most of your damage and is needed early to counter push and provide CC/damage.


Early game: Lost Treasure>Goggles>Lightning Rod or Ihan. Both provide amazing sustain, Ihan gives great health as well. It's nice to get those stacks going early. Alternatively, null is one of the few heroes Duran's pendant is useful on, along with Raynor because the energy leech combined with their range allow you to be even more abusive in lane.

Mid Game: Symphonic Seed, Nitrogen or Cerebro depending on team needs.

Late Game: Gravity Edge

These are outlines for what you would usually get, although the order of when to get other items can change depending on enemy composition. The core item on Null is always Symphonic seed. Always. If you think you can go straight to symphonic after treasure without getting the sustain of Ihan, go for it. Symphonic cannot be understated in it's importance to Null. All of Null's abilities other than his Ult have 12 seconds or less for a C/D. So a 5 Second reduction on C/D given from a kill or assist is incredible. Much of Null's CC comes from the damage output on his E, so Gravity edge is also a must for late game. Ihan, Nitro are both INT/HP items that help Null survive. The slow on Nitro is just one more facet that helps Null CC even more.

With core late game items being Symphonic Seed, Nitrogen, Graity Edge, and Ihan, you have 2 item slots available... 3 when you feel you would be better suited replacing Ihan. Those two slots can be used to turn him INT/AA with Cerebro and/or Star's fury. He can also be a viable semi carry late game with Energy Saber and Pyre. He can pull of a semi-carry build because of the spammability of his skills and the fact that Energy saber can give you around 160-180 Weapon damage on Null with Ihan, Nitro, Seeds, and Gravity. You can also be a viable carrier of a sunflare gun if your team needs more burst late game. If surviving is your problem, tank up and stick to CC master/moderate spell damage role. This is the reason Null is so strong. He does great spell damage and amazing CC all game and can help fill deficient roles in team comp late game. Not very tanky? Tank up and CC more. Need more spell damage? Cerebro/Star's Fury. Need more physical damage/AA? Energy Saber and Pyre. That last slot that Ihan takes up, I usually get a spell resist item like Electric Mantle.


Laning: He is almost always placed solo, preferably against a pusher, as his strength in early game is counter push. He's also usually laned mid, but can solo anywhere. Pendant is especially usefull on null mid against another INT hero with lower range, especially against Brawler, Queen, Maar. Many othose heroes can do well against you if played right, so abusing Null's range to send those heroes back to base to regen energy allowing you to free farm.

Gank Phase: Can be very useful to help AAs gank, as he has a great stun. Any decent player will MIA when you go to gank, but with your stun, stunknife on an AA, and your force fields, you can usually get a kill or two mid if they venture into the river. Mainly, be aware, don't get ganked, and counter push when someone else is around to help push tower.

Teamfight: Once a teamfight has begun, you should usually cast your Ult on the enemy tank. Why the tank? Because they are the one most likely to stay in the fight the longest and are slowest moving. AAs and INT casters will move around, tending to stay at the fringes of a team fight. The tank is always the anchor of the teamfight. When you target the tank, it ensures that you will be able to cast your mirrored abilities twice during the fight and have them be at the center of the enemy during the whole fight. If you cast on an AA or Int and they back out, one of you mirrors may end up way in the back somewhere. This is where Null truly shines aside from CC. He applies massive aoe spell damage in the center of an enemy team. Either it destabilizes their formation and they split, or they sit in your E and soak in the damage.

Obviously, you can build in any order you want and commit early to INT/AA, semi-carry, or tank up early. It all just depends on your team's needs. I do like getting cerebro in many games, as the bounce from chain lightning coincides with your role as aoe caster very well and the energy active can be very helpful in sustained pushes for your team. Cerebro is a strong item still and Null is probably the best carrier for it with Jakk as a close second. INT/AA is especially powerful on Null compared to other heroes because he has the range to abuse it and the stun/CC to get out of rough situations.

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If you are listing cerebro as a core item also put stars there, both procced it does insane dmg with one AA.


Also late game where burst is more important as you will get like five spotted by an AA carry, I have been opting to go for Yamato and sunflare gun. Sunflare is just op broken and used with stars and cerebro procd AA, non tanks die in a second.

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I have tried nully a couple times, but I can't seem to get the hang of his combos, the most success I had was when I just ulted someone and mashed all my abilities around them as fast as possible, it made me kinda sad.

Mark R, Q them , Then as fast as possible, set up 3 forcefield next to each other behind or the front of the target. Ur ult will diverse the position of the ff and trap your opponent, then cast e and aa em' to death ( Cast e right in the centre of the ff ) All depend on you landing the force field ( And people still said that protoss is all about deathball and a - move :( )


- All of this process happen about 2s, with Q it will buy time for you about 1.25 and 0.75 for ur opponent to react to it, to play against null combo like this just get a warp shard or lockbox..

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Played this guy A LOT today, teaming with Herman and Xale.


Lots of fun! Started going LT, Miner's, Lightning Rod-->Cerebro, Pyre, Ihan, Seed, Grav, Nitro, and usually finishing it out with Energy Saber and Star's Fury.


I like placing the E first behind enemy heroes, and then using my Q to stun them between me and the blades, and usually using forcefields to canalize their retreat. The blades would usually end up hitting them, procing Nitro's slow (if the Q didn't do it), and then one of the AAs on my team would run in and be able to kill them before escaping.


Hitting the tank with the R, as Gino said, worked out beautifully. In the pubs we were in, the enemy AA/carry would see me, rush in to try and kill me, and then the mirrored Ws and Es would pop up, and would slice them down quite quickly.

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