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Queen of Blades (Kerrigan) broken character again.


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I was used to play old Kerrigan in the previous version of AoS called Sotis.In the new version of this game ive really appreciated the changes applyed on Kerrigan's ultimate that finally make it sense the way is made but?

Considering how was made her previous ultimate, which was the most retarded skill in the game and useless,(cause exposing her to any attack being stucked for some seconds without any defence while casting her ulti) the current one is appreciable but still...The mark on ground that shows where u are goign to place it, once again doesnt make sense.Is like telling ur enemy "hey im goign to it you there, dodge it!" come on...The cast speed,could stay maybe as it is but....placing also a mark where landing...I guess u guys got it...In my opinizon if the mark has to stay on her for soem reason that i ignore, at least a range extension would be better...


So what else?


Kerrigan's STR bonus skills has been removed and made her full INT,(before she was an hybrid STR-INT) but being supposed to be a tank class cause she still has her primary attribute str ONLY, on menu selection she is still on STR character which doesnt make sense because in fact she is actually an INT class now.

Then she isnt no more a STR character in my opinion except her primary atribute STR, that doesnt coutn anything after all.


One of her greatest skill in the past was the "flyng bones" that at maxium lvl give her 4 bones that let her absorb 4 hits without dmg, plus some atk boost.This skills has been replaced with a farming skill that spwns some broodlings now.Whats the purpuse for ? Just to help her to become a good creep/tower killer instead of a great tank ? come on...Whats exactly her role or purpuse of her in any team? when there many other better character much more effective ?


Considering her low base attack speed and low base AA dmg, but most of all,her too short AA0 weapon range,whats exactly her effectivenes in late game ? Ive played her testing different build to try so see if is possible to find a way to make her effective.Saddly...it is a waste of time,she sucks....thats it. Why?


Her boomerang ?iT was her only decent weapon in the past she had,cuase of her too short AA range.Boomergang it is also been nerfed so bad with the new changes.Adding on boomerang weapon dmg % bonus is pretty useless on her considering what she most need as items before, like COA as primary item and soem atk speed items to farm decentely early game.Trying to play kerri as DPS is a waste of time honestly, any other dps build is much more effective with others heros.


Last thing...Her main passive skill thats regerates 3% her maxium healt when a creep die, is yet just a farming skill for early game that doesnt give her any effectivnes late game.

Then, whats exaclty kerrigan's role is? Not a decent tank,neither a decent dps...a leecher....pretty useless comapred to other heroes in the game.

Squishy,low hp,low dmg and atk speed...slow on everything,an easy kill = feeder character.


It is a bit sad to see that many likes to play Kerri being the protagonist of Sc2 and the symbol of it.Saddly the Queen of Blades on AoS shamefull SUCKS :(

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the old ulti was still nice if you ask me ( casting it around fungal or zeras bubble or draks ulti lmo) and you could were able to put your worm shield up which was such a nice skill and the only counter to boros ulti back then( except for staying together ofc).. actually i miss old kerri

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Kerrigen is one of the game's hard carries. Just because her abilities scale with INT doesn't mean she shouldn't be built STR/AA. If you build her properly, she can have some of the highest damage out in the game and be nearly impossible to bring down 1v1.


With Pyre, Shadowmourne, Darwin's as core items you do amazing damage. I usually go with a DST in there as well. Then it's situational. For full tanky DPS; DST, Pyre, Shadowmourne, Darwin, FOE, Galactic Defender. With that build you have nearly 400 weapon damage. That doesn't sound like alot, but consider the bounces from her glaves. All together, she does 300% weapon damage total if all the bounces are considered. Usually you'll land at least 1 bounce per AA and that's still 180% weapon damage as physical damage out. You also have over 4,000 HP, amazing leech (leech works on her bounces as well), and incredible armor levels with dst.


On top of that you have a 1K Shield in Galactic, so effectively you have over 5,000 HP.


Her strength isn't 1v1ing AGI heroes... It's the potential to put out the highest physical damage in the game while standing in the middle of a team fight, taking a beating. She needs those bounces to be most effective, although still formidable 1v1 against AGIs until super late game.

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There are many heroes which their main attribute doesn't 'fit' to their role:

- vergil (played as INT caster)

- rancor (played as INT caster),

- erekul (played as tank),

- lurker (played as INT caster)

- immortal (played as INT caster)

- cow (played as INT caster)

- jackson (played as initiator/tank/support)


But tbh I don't see any problem with that.

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