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Man Mode Unix


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Item Build: Lost treasure, super-heated mantle, ancient rune if you want damage, nitrogen retrofit if tankiness, get whatever you didn't get in the previous step, organic carapace, darksteel Titan, lifetech nanosuit. You eventually sell ancient rune and lost treasure.


How to play this way: Before you get your organic, just walk around under people trolling with super-heated, and if you confirm they are alone, fungal, rines, ult dead. However, once you get organic, you may take your trolling to the next level. With organic and level 4 burrow, you are able to outregen tower damage (since burrow gives you increased hp regen based off your max hp.) and when the enemy tries to focus you as you are ulting, you laugh as your ult leech, organic, and burrow regen outregen their damage and your team wipes them. It gets even better once you have dst and nanosuit, since bursty damage could kill you before, but the resistances and extra hp from the two items make you nigh unkilleable. Without Levi buff at full build, your hp regen without using ulti is about 150 per second. That is not counting the nanosuit regen either.

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OK I just played a pub as Unix. My final score was 17-0 and my final build was:


Super Heated Mantle

Ancient Rune

Organic Carapace

Gravity Edge

Nitrogen Retrofit

Yamato Reactor



Moo is correct, I did tank the tower while burrowed.


Also, I followed enemies while burrowed and managed to kill them purely from my SHM and Ancient Rune damage. Pub nabs don't buy scanners, and the one guy who did buy TS twice stopped after I killed him twice.


Overall a very fun build to troll pubs with.

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