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Nanotech Lifesuit needs a nerf


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I love the item, but its gotten to far with tanks being able to just run around without (seemingly) taking damage. I think that most tanks it is alright, but mainly Micro and Mandrake, with their automatic strength buff, and in mandrakes case he gets automatic spell resist. I've played too many games where we are winning, and then the mandrake comes in with martyr on at all times with 5k hp and 80 percent each resist and the whole team fights him. The whole team loses vs 1 hero, because when he gets to low hp he stops taking damage for like 10 seconds. It's pretty easy for mandrake and micro to escape with their speed/blinks/dials, and wait 20 seconds to go in and kill at least another hero. I'm convinced the root of this problem is lifesuit, which is why I say that it should be changed to a mix of fixed and percent hp regeneration. Like 15% plus a number.

Another fix could be to just make Khali Blade help stop the heal. Currently it does not, which I'm not sure is a glitch or not. (it probably considered regen.)

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I see a lot of Micro's and Drake's not get Lifetech and still be extremely strong. I don't think Lifetech is the root, it might aid in the problem but I believe there is something more sinister at work.


Between the strength scaling on Micro's ultimate and the spell resist and heroic passive on Drake.

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