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I haven't been playing AoS for a long while because I am very busy developing ID2 - and since I started playing other MOBA games.


And I have to say that the game speed change killed AoS for me entirely.


I always wondered how AoS would be with a higher game speed, I even thought it might be better, but now after it's been done my experience is different.



Compared to other MOBAs AoS was already faster and now it's just ridiculous. Other MOBAs do not depent on battle.net, 200-300ms ping is absolutely normal for battle.net, even with a very good internet connection. But it's not just the ping, it's the lag spikes that always occur. They have nothing to do with AoS or my own equipment, but simply battle.net.

Now with the higher game speed, which is about 1.5x faster than any other MOBA I know off, the lag spikes have reached an impact that makes it just un-enjoyable.



I would now really rather see the game go two steps down in game speed, but at least back from faster to fast.



This change was so signifcant for me, that every other change in the past months entirely pales in comparison and I can't give a damn about them while the game is "unplayable" like that.

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