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Mumble Server Cap / Streamers for the tourney


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There are a few peak times when the mumble server maxes out, The current cap is a rather low 40 users. Every day it seems like we max out. And with the tourney coming this Sat. And the tourneys normal bring a rush of people into the server. We obviously need to increase this cap at least for a week.


I mean i think there are about 10 teams currently registered to play Each team has at least 6 players. This isn't including the many people who are not on a team who will show up just to be apart of the event and to see how things are going. I expect at least 70+ people will be on mumble and this is a little conservative




While we have 2 streamers currently It would be great if we could get at least 1 if not 2 more. To get these games streamed. The more games streamed the more interest we will have in this event. And future events.


But streamers if you could set your stream on a delay to quiet down the complaints about Ghosting or Stream Cheating. !! This would be very grateful. And please get you streams in working order before the event. Dont try to download a streaming software the day of the event! Our streamers need to be Reliable!


And if we could get some people who want to shout cast the games! this would be Great!!



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And he should, no one ensures the streamers will be there that day, maybe for some reason they can be on time, so you shouldn't put a limit on the streamers amount, just organize them when the tourney starts, if you don't let CoolNoob for example because there's a cap, maybe Raphael or the other one is not here but CoolNoob is not there either because he wasn't "invited".

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Yea :/



I have a question... Who are the 2 official streamers ? Cuz if u guys got 2 I guess u don't need me to stream


I was putting you in the list of the 2,


Atm its you and a EU player named Ralph, I would really enjoy having 3 streams. For the most extensive coverage.



And you must understand, nothing i say is official :D im not really a official representative of this tourney. Im just a player who wants to see this event do well so im volunteering my time to promote it and push it forward. Red seems quiet about the event for the most part.


Red has the final say on everything.


But even having 5+ streamers is never a bad thing.

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