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Need a tourney team? - Brokentier


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Hi. I'm creating a few teams for Brokentier with the intention of sending a few teams out. I'm using this thread to recruit people to my own team while helping UFAM players get placed in another (or make a team for them). Please read the rules carefully.


Team 1 shall be selected however all other Teams have no such selection process and I will assign a captain.


Team 1:

Skydie - Captain

Mus - Vice Captain [The go to man in the eventual situation of me being banned on here]








Team 2: [May be subject to change after re-confirming] [bold players have been confirmed during this week]
















  1. No trolling during the tournament. Of course feel free to troll before and after the tournament.
  2. No gamethrowing.
  3. Must have Mumble (preferably a Mic too)

Post applications in this layout:


Bnet Name:


Character Code:

Heroes played:

Preferred role:



Tl:Dr If you need a team you can post your name here and I will put you into one.

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Yo Zombieee.


Try do something serious now, and kick Guz from your team. The more challenge the more fun.


Maybe you should be more serious yourself.



FYI this is a serious thread. I'm looking for proven players willing to play next Saturday in my T1 team - which will hopefully win this tournament. If not I want to at least humiliate DarKS and Diipa's team.


This includes an additional teams section because there was no official way for new players to be organized into teams. So I thought why the heck not do Red's job for him? Feels extremely sad to see new guys willing to take their dedication to the next level - yet no-one seems to want to guide them or help them.

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meh if this is legit congrats, If its a troll well i wouldn't be surprised. It would be neat if more teams enlisted. Be even greater if those teams actually show up.


I too am impressed, that I managed to fully assemble one team, and am just confirming another within the space of one day.


Everyone on the roster for Team 1 has been talked to and I've been clear that they must turn up - the 'if I can be bothered' attitude is not welcome here. However people have told me they might be busy on the day and I understand that circumstances may change within the next few days.

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Im honestly and truly grateful for you efforts to put not just one but several teams together. Im sorry i approached you with a bit of suspicion. I hope you can understand why.


Good luck in the tourney.


With a few games being Best of 1's Its really any ones tournament. Any team with decent synergy can snow ball to victory.

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