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A nice pub


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Zeeeend- Murloc

A semi decent player as cain

A semi decent player as brine

A feeder as boros




thomulf- Akasha

Rango- Darpa

VodkaMojito- Rancor

That guy with 3 shadowmournes- Garamond

And starring:

chips- The most baller LZ ever


Our completely dysfunctional team went for the win against the DarkS pros thanks to chips(this was his first game) pushing 5 towers without anyone noticing, rango jumping everywhere and VodkaMokito's pro AFK skills. It was a fun game, people from both sides fed a bit but overall it felt pretty evenly matched and intense. Thankfully since nobody from LightS was there the only BMing noob was VodkaMojito, although he eventually managed to pull his weight despite his belated AA rancor.


Featuring the non-DST akasha build ™


Watch as me to see the world through the eyes of a noob :P



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