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Gona run some Beta Test, Come!!


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Hey come beta test!! On mumble Click here to dl mumble





Here is the change log for this beta


Test Version on "Aeon of Storms (Test Map)" v0.160

  • Melee Barracks now spawn Creep with a non-Heroic 40% Phys Resist Aura
  • Ranged Barracks now spawn Creep with a non-Heroic 80% Spell Resist Aura
  • Artifact Temple now has 5000 Shields, up from 3000.
  • Siege Creep replaced with ranged siege unit that does 110 Physical AoE damage and 55 bonus damage against structures.

Additional planned changes:

  • Added L2D dependencies.
  • Upgrade Medic model.
  • Upgrade Darpa model.
  • Upgrade Unix model.
  • Upgrade Balrog model.

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Yes, Played one game the new creep mechanics are great But i think the splash is a little strong on the new-new siege creeps


Were still playing they just picked for game 2, and its starting atm


As long as there are 10 people on im gona try to run games all night


Right now we have 14 in the lobby Were guaranteeing spots to people who got left out of the game before So if u come on in your guaranteed a spot

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i dont know i enjoy the new mechanics much better then the previous.


If we can get some sort of decay on the splah damage or just getting rid of it i would be happier then a clam.


But to be fair i have yet to be in a game or spec a game where choosing the physical resist or spell resist really matter in the suppressors

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