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I Need Some Help With Toxi


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You could do tanky int, which consists of ancient rune, nitrogen retrofit, and then tanky, with a situational yamato reactor if you need more damage. Use everything else for tankiness, like dst, emantle, lifetech, whatever you feel is best for the situation.

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I prefer to go with (in no particular order):

Force of Entrophy

Pyre (or Sliptyde Scythe for the spell resist)





Items after that are situational. Galactic is great on heaps of different heroes for the shields and time (works well with his passive).You may need a CoA or Time Splitter for more attackspeed. Eternity is also good. Or if you need defence then DST is great, as is Nitrogen or Emantle.

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Wait, his q over time takes about 10s... Is ancient runes proc with that ? :O, would be so damn Op

wouldn't be that op, might take like 20-25% hp no even since they regen and heal to


It can only be proc'ed every two seconds, so it would be 3% current HP, 5times total... so a little around 13-14% total HP assuming that they were at full health. Ancient Rune is decent on toxi, but only because he procs it on every AA. As many have said, toxi can be build a number of ways. Hard carry, Int, Tanky are all viable depending on the team comp. I think the optimal build on him is a hybrid of all of all three. My core late game items are usuallyTimesplitter, FOE, and Nitrogen. Timesplitter is just so good as a dps item. FOE and Nitrogen make give you around 1100 HP between the two and both give you amazing slow which is awesome. The last three slots are situational. Obviously, you'll need more weapon speed than just timesplitter, so you'll have to either go Pyre, cerebro, or an AGI spell resist item (either sliptide or phantom). Again, it depends on what you need as a team. Need the most damage? Cerebro. Need to go anti tank? pyre. Casters your issue? Sliptide or phantom.


A good all around build is Timesplitter, Nitrogen, FOE, Cerebro, Sliptide. Last item is usually Galactic defender, it helps make sure you can get more of your Ult off as well as giving great damage. On top of that, the time scale is nice combined with his passive and zeal. With Sliptide, Galactic, zeal, and his passive, you'll have great movespeed when you need it.

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1. pyre

2. shadowmourn

3. force

4. ancient rune

5. dark steel

6. time splitter, s-style , life tech , paralax, Darwins, Chilling, Yamato Reactor. <-- build reactive


in no particular order


only int item u need is ancient rune. This is just one way to build him, You can be more aggressive and less tanky and still do really well. Toxi is a really good hero.



I disagree with gino, I would never buy sliptyde on any hero. Unless it got a buff in the past week im un aware of, ITs a horrible item. for its cost and other options available

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@Quid: I like sliptide on Toxi because of the movespeed while attacking. Movespeed is his only escape. I like to exploit his movespeed and slowing abilities. obviously every scenario is different. In the one I suggested, it assumed you wouldn't have to go pyre, and were going hybrid INT/physical/spell damage. It's also decent on Darpa if it's going to be your only spell resist item, since it gives more while active than phantom menace. The movespeed is also nice on Darpa, since he has to get in and out quickly due to the fact that he has shorter range than toxi/nova, some other ranged AAs.


Phantom menace is only viable in certain circumstances. It doesn't give enough spell resist to be your only SR item if you are facing a spell heavy team. It gives .1 movespeed, which is decent, but the passive is only really good for map presence (split pushing, splitting off to farm). It's too expensive to be able to get early enough to exploit for early map presence in order to farm, so that leaves the movespeed only useful for split pushing. It's good in certain situations; you need out of combat movespeed, some agility, and a little spell resist.


Sliptide is better for maxing spell resist and in combat move speed, which I think is more important on some heroes.


In the build you suggested you're forced to pick between spell resist and maxing weapon speed with the last item.

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