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inh Dark vs SLP


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I know u lost all voices from video :) I checked it instantly after upload. I wanted to see what's really bad and need to be focused to improve on. It didn't recorded it happens, even if it didn't i practiced a little. I still think this cast was way better than one of my previous ones. And i know i still need to practice a LOT.


Im looking for some second caster (even being main caster), some funny emotional with positive energy transmission caster and with some knowledge at least.


Im looking at U Diipa mainly! (Or African)




But even anybody with will power and passion can msg! :)


Btw. game was nice, but it really felt that Darks at some point lost coordination, experience or emotionally/mentally didnt knew what to do.


Lost midgame and lategame.


GG's to both teams! :)

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