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Hey great game yesterday. You played a real solid cat killed me a few times. Your entrance and exits of the teams fights are what i would expect of any experienced player. Also the electric mantle is one of my favored items on cat. But its situational


Look forward to playing more games with you. Feel free to add me on SC2 also feel free to long into mumble. As i explained in the other thread we normally play at least 1-2 games a day from afternoon to evening but the occurrences of those games are pretty random. I will defiantly keep you in mind when im digging up people for future games. If you dont feel like waiting in mumble just always be idle in the Aeon of Storms chat i will pm you when im looking for players and let you know when to get on mumble.


Thanks for playing.

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Yea I was 2-12 feeder bio. shapty internet giving me delay makes it hard to time things :(


That and bio sucks shap now. Welcome Herman! I saw you messaged me the other day on SC2, I was in a game, then had to leave right away after. Feel free to hit me up whenever. If you want to be mor einvolved, get on Mumble and hang out in the Aeon of Storms chat so you get the message when inhouses happen.

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