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Gona have some in house games


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I was going to InHouse but I cannot get into Quidditch Pitch. Help please.


i made a pic to clear up any problems people were having!





O.o this got pinned?


i was gona ask it be closed seeing as i was able to get 10 players


and i didn't create a second game


because i went to read a book (A Song of Ice and Fire) with my wife.

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Hey Quidditch. Do youg guys normally IH everynight? I got to play against you last night and it was a lot of fun.


Normally yes but there is no real set time. The issue is ih games dont start until there is some one who takes the initiative to get active players in the same place. Games are pretty much random. You could be sitting in mumble for 4 hours with no games going or u could play 4-5 games back to back. Its random.


Rename/create one or two of the channels


[Awaiting inhouse]

[Awaiting inhouse, quite] - Personally I'd sit in this channel while watching a movie, listeing to music or just when I don't want to hear a bunch of people talking about how they are 7-2 in a pub.


Or how there destroying a building in battlefield 4 :D

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