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MK's ulti


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So I was just thinking about MK's ulti, and usually people just get tank or thor, occasionally firebat. I kind of like marauders for their slow, but they die extremely easily. So I was wondering, maybe it would be interesting to make weaker units more viable with a supply system:

Ordinary creep (no siege creeps): 1 supply

Jungle marauder: 2 supply

Firebat: 3 supply

Tank/Thor: 4 supply

Supply max would be 4. If possible, bribe energy cost/cooldown would be proportional to supply of the target unit. Other units that MK can currently control (minions, whatever) are mostly exploitable/ not often used so I don't think it would be a big deal to limit it to just creeps or jungle pods. Basically with this system you could have lots of combinations:

-4 creeps

-2 creep, 1 rauder

-2 rauder

-1 creep, 1 firebat




Which might give a bit more variety.



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