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im looking for a team for tge broken tier anyone??


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Moo I have a team in SEA, Im just waiting for them to decide whether they want to participate or not


Remember to tell them what times it will start at for them, one of the reasons SEA teams can't really participate is due to this (mainly very early in the morning).


And you live in Singapore right? You'll be starting at 2:00 AM lol... I know this cause 3:00 PM EST = 5:00 AM for me and SG is 3 hours behind :P

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Grass tetany or hypomagnesemic tetany, also known as grass staggers and winter tetany, is a metabolic disease involving magnesium deficiency, which can occur in such ruminant livestock as beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep,[1] usually after grazing on lush pastures of rapidly growing grass, especially in early spring.

Progressive symptoms may include grazing away from the herd, irritability, muscle twitching, staring, incoordination, staggering, collapse, thrashing, head thrown back, and coma, followed by death. However, clinical signs are not always evident before the animal is found dead.Grass tetany. Kansas State Univ. Research and Extension, Forage Facts series. http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/forage/pubs/97notebook/fora15.pdf

The condition results from hypomagnesemia (low magnesium concentration in blood) which may reflect low magnesium intake, low magnesium absorption, unusually low retention of magnesium, or a combination of these. Commonly, apparent symptoms develop only when hypomagnesemia is accompanied by hypocalcemia (blood Ca below 8 mg/dL).Kahn, M. A. (ed.) 2005. Merck veterinary manual. 9th Ed. Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station.

Low magnesium intake by grazing ruminants may occur especially with some grass species early in the growing season, due to seasonally low magnesium concentrations in forage dry matter.Rendig, V. V. and D. L. Grunes (eds.) 1979. Grass tetany. ASA Spec. Publ. 35, Am. Soc. Agron., Madison, Wisc. 175 pp. Some conserved forages are also low in magnesium and may be conducive to hypomagnesemia.Mehren, M. Winter tetany and grass tetany http://www.oregonfeed.org/mehren_art_0205.htm

High potassium intake relative to calcium and magnesium intake may induce hypomagnesemia. A K/(Ca+Mg) charge ratio exceeding 2.2 in forages has been commonly considered a risk factor for grass tetany. Potassium fertilizer application to increase forage production may contribute to an increased K/(Ca+Mg) ratio in forage plants, not only by adding potassium to soil, but also by displacing soil-adsorbed calcium and magnesium by ion exchange, contributing to increased susceptibility of calcium and magnesium to leaching loss from the root zone during rainy seasons. In ruminants, high potassium intake results in decreased absorption of magnesium from the digestive tract.Wylie, M. J., J. P. Fontenot and L. W. Greene. 1985. Absorption of magnesium and other macrominerals in sheep infused with potassium in different parts of the digestive tract. J. Anim. Sci. 61: 1219-1229.Schonewille, J. T., A. T. Van't Klooster, H. Wouterse and A. C. Beynen. 1999. Effects of intrinsic potassium in artificially dried grass and supplemental potassium bicarbonate on apparent magnesium absorption in dry cows. J. Dairy Sci. 82: 1824-1830.

Trans-aconitate, which accumulates in some grasses, can be a risk factor for hypomagnesemia in grazing ruminants. (Tetany has been induced in cattle by administration of trans-aconitate and KCl, where the amount of KCl used was, by itself, insufficient to induce tetany.Bohman, V. R., A. L. Lesperance, G. D. Harding and D. L. Grunes. 1969. Induction of experimental tetany in cattle. J. Anim. Sci. 29: 99-102.) Relatively high levels of trans-aconitate have been found in several forage species on rangeland sites conducive to hypomagnesemia.Stout, P.R., J. Brownell and R. J. Burau. 1967. Occurrences of trans-aconitate in range forage species. Agron. J. 59: 21-24. Although at least one rumen organism converts trans-aconitate to acetate,Cook, G. M., J. E. Wells and J. B. Russell 1994. Ability of Acidaminococcus fermentans to oxidize trans-aconitate and decrease the accumulation of tricarballylate, a toxic end product of ruminal fermentation. Appl. Env. Microbiol. 60: 2533-2537. other rumen organisms convert trans-aconitate to tricarballylate, which complexes with magnesium.Russell, J. B. 1985. Enrichment and isolation of rumen bacteria that reduce trans-aconitic acid to tricarballylic acid. Appl. Env. Microbiol. 49: 120-126. Using rats as an animal model, oral admistration of tricarballylate has been shown to reduce an animal's magnesium retention.Schwartz, R., M. Topley and J. B. Russell. 1988. Effect of tricarballylic acid, a nonmetabolizable rumen fermentation product of trans-aconitic acid, on Mg, Ca and Zn utilization of rats. J. Nutr. 118: 183-188. Potassium fertilizer application results in increased concentration of aconitic acid in some grass species.Grunes, D. L., J. W. Huang, F. W. Smith, P. K. Joo and D. A. Hewes. 1992. Potassium effects on minerals and organic acids in three cool-season grasses. J. Plant Nutr. 15: 1007-1025. luke was hear 2013 Copied from wikipedia

This isn't spring you hypochondriacs, but thanks for caring so much about my health :)
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The grass ain't growing at all in Iowa, gg. Haven't had to mow lawn in months.

Actually eastern/NE Iowa has received a fair amount of rain and the grass is green and growing and the corn is well. However, yes, central iowa is dry and typically 5 degrees warmer.

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Coolnoob you should be the leader of LighTS and lead then to the victory!!.. They are too shy to participate in this tourney


As you know Guz, the LighTS members are too busy to participate in this tourney. My sources told me about your jubilant reaction to the news. However, a certain well known team approached me and asked for some tutoring and consultation. I have been training this team for one sole purpose: defeat Dark clan in Brokentier.


I am pleased to report that this team is now strong enough to take Dark clan out of the tourney. They are not as good as LighTS but lets face it, no team is better than us.


Currently I am unable to disclose the name of the team that I am tutoring. So when you guys get defeated in the tourney you will learn the name of my team. I will make sure that they leave my calling card.

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