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This tournament has 1 or two best of one games, And there are a lot of teams playing that work well together its really any ones tourney. Any team can snow ball and win a game, But if SLP makes it past the BO1 games, i suspect we have a decent chance of winning the whole event.


Eli+4 Has a lot of great players but some of them have been inactive for an extended period of time. If those players get back into the grove of things. They will be an extremely hard team to beat.


Just depends on crazys and awesomeclocks commitment to re learning the game.






There are a lot of "pub" clans attending the event also. Well i think there are you never know who will show until the day of the event. But there are a lot of good players in those clans who dont use mumble or team speak often,


I just want to reiterate, Its really any ones tourney. With the extremely unpredictable best of 1 games. Any team can take 1st place.


Should be fun, Looking forward to a good turn out

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Or vice versa?


iono, in the first tourney my team grouped up and we met africans team, we played 2 games on eu and 1 game on na and we still won the finals. :D with our delay. Marine king comps are simply over bearing. thanks African for giving us Marineking every game


And we have 3 of the same members in this current team.

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