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DPS Rancor Build


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I like Machete>Stun Knife>Pulse Hammer>Lightning Rod>Kinetic cell>Finish FOE>Ihan>Cerebro>Sliptide/Phantom (usually Sliptide) for trolling around in pubs.


2-2-2 for talents usually. It's near impossible to go full physical damage with Ranc, because he's squishy. Because of that fact, I go INT/AA


Core midgame items: Cerebro, FOE, Stun Knife/Timesplitter, Ihan


I usually finish with Star's Fury, Nitrogen Retrofit, and a survivability item. Disengaging is key because he doesn't have an escape and is still relatively squishy even when you don't build him as a caster.

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In the past, aa rancor was not as strong as pure int caster, but was at least viable (agi items gave more weapon damage to agi heroes than int items did to int heroes). Now, the distinction is not so high and pure aa is almost completely inviable. Hybridization is still quite strong however.


Gravity, Cerebro, Energy Saber, BHM, Nitrogen, Shinobi (in no particular order) has quite the oomph.


use shinobi, attack (getting shinobi and cerbro bonus damage), nuke, attack (getting BHM + Cerebro Damage), cloak, run a few steps back to avoid counter-attacks, as you are hella weak, or if they start running back use it to close distance, nuke-snipe, attack (getting cerebro and potentially second BHM proc).


allows 3 Cerebro Procs, a Shinobi Proc, two BHM procs, 3 nukes, 1 cloaksnipe within a few seconds

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