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Biotron.Tyrannus Guide v1.142


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Fitness (+180 Health)

Discipline (+7% Spell resist)

Integrity (+6 Armour)

Prodigy (+12% Cooldown reduction)

Swiftness (+6% Movement)

Wealth (+200 starting minerals)



Final item build in no particular order:






:NitrogenRetrofit:/SilverSoul.png/ :KorhalVanguard:


Skill build: E W E W E R E W W Q R Q Q Q Y R Y Y


Bio is one hell of a tank/caster. He deals so much damage early/mid game with his claymore E, and his ultimate is a devastating move when used on slow/non aoe skill possessing heroes such as Cain, Dustin, Raynor and so on. Before his change to ulti, Bio used to be one of the best boss control heroes in the game, as his ultimate used to amplify damage on target, but even now, it is still a great boss control skill.

To begin the game, start with either Lost Treasure or Duran’s Buckler, the latter if the enemy has a lot of AA heroes, if not, always start with Lost Treasure. The passive income is great, and the regen is very good for Bio. Generally, it doesn’t matter what lane you get put in, as long as you can score some creeps as well as the occasional kill or two. After faming up, your first item should be Coat of Arms. This is because the item’s unique affects Bio’s minions, meaning that they deal much more damage. The next item should be Mossberg Taser, as this makes the enemy being targeted by your ultimate unable to do anything. At this point, start carrying a few Boundary Scanners, just to be able to kill those who are cloaked, or those who decided to buy smoke screens to counteract your ultimate. The combo should be something along the lines of: Claymore[E] on target, Scan, Ultimate[R], Taser. This combo is very deadly, as unless the target is a tank, the enemy will die as the minions deal so much damage(even more if they are in range of your CoA!).

Now continue to play the game, and remember to keep control of bosses. Aeon should/can be taken at any time after you get your ultimate, although you may require the assistance of one or two of your teammates. At this point you should be well off in terms of money, and I usually buy a Darksteel Titan at this stage, just to be able to mitigate a lot of physical damage coming in. Then Organic Carapace, and with these items, you should be very, very tanky already. If the enemy have a lot of AA, feel free to change the item build to get say, a Barbed Plating, or if the enemy have a lot of casters, ignore Darksteel and grab yourself a Spell Buffer.

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The problem is if they get a dst you can't kill them. If they get a chilling its almost impossible to kill them. If they have any aoe they can kill the civs after taser wears off because civs have shap for health now. Bio is currently one of the worst heroes for competitive play because of how easy he is to counter. Hell, bio is my favorite hero to play, and I really can't ask my team to draft him because I know I would have more impact on the game with several other heroes. Also switch discipline for transport.

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Honestly, DST needs nerf. It's the armor gain and base damage removal uniques that make it OP, not the strength bonus it gave.


I agree entirely. It was meant as hard tank item, which is why the armor is stacked the more you get attacked. That means it's supposed to be less effective on low HP heroes. I think the overall armor bonus it gives when fully stacked should stay the same, but increase the number of attacks needed to get there by 50-100%. It would make it less of a hard counter for every to every AA when carried on any hero whatsoever and would only make it most effective on heroes with 3000+ HP.

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Hmmm. Just becouse of this thread i tryid bio again in inh. Did 2 games and second game i laned vs erecool and jakk. We drafted him after erecool was picked to. This hero isnt totally useless. We won both games and bio did fairly good. If played right i teamfights, i believe in him. I will try him again i few more games.

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Is he useless? No, but other heroes can do what he can do better. Hes not a great tank until late game when his cannibalize will heal a significant amount. He can solo the long lane fairly well, but hes not the best and can be zoned out by a true sight ward. The best thing about him is his mobility and high burst, but if you need that, why not get a vergil/rancor/Cyprus. I think he may be best used as an anti-jungle long laner and go int burst. His civs are to weak now to go str unless there is a squishy int caster to kill, but if they get a dst you can't do shap to them. The biggest nerf to him was the slow from his civs doesn't stack anymore, so he can't get a good surround without building an atom smasher. I don't know, hes just in an awkward place right now with other characters being better at doing what he wants to do. Hes kinda a jack of all trades atm.

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Why not change Buckler unique and DST second unique, which decrease physical damage by fixed value, to work only against heroes? This way one item wont make minions for many heroes almost completely useless. Unix marines, MK marines do almost no damage to heroes with single Buckler. Same item make u can be very aggressive in lane and don't care about damage from creeps. I think there is a need for change.


And Bio can't be played around his utlimate. Early-mid game his ultimate isn't bad, but later u has to switch into more burst build or u become completely useless. Still its nice tool to take fast bosses down

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