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Tanky AA Immortal.Solidus Guide v1.142


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Might (+15 Weapon damage)

Fury (+15 Weapon speed)

Fitness (+180 Health)

Discipline (+7% spell resist)

Integrity (+6 Armour)

Swiftness (+6% Movement)


Final item build in no particular order:


Atom Smasher






Skill build: Q W E Q Q R Q E W E R W E W Y R Y Y


Many a time have I come across a pub where a complete newbie chose this hero because ‘it was on the loading screen last week!’ and have completely ruined the game for one team or another, simply because they had no idea what they were doing. I hope this guide will help a few of those people out.

Immortal’s power lies in being able to deal MASSIVE aoe damage, but only after a full 4 second charge, meaning that he can and usually is very useless in teamfights when you need damage out right there and then, but is very good at laning, especially mid, or with allies who can shove an enemy target in front of his charging Q, such as Brine, Zera or Micro. However, in this guide, I do not focus on outputting massive damage of his Q, yet focus on dealing with other heroes in a 1v1 confrontation.

When starting the game, buy yourself the components to Duran’s Buckler. Go mid. You should be aware of how to use his Q ability wisely in order to maximise damage out when needed, ie shield up just before charging for Q, and after creeps have died, recharge mana. Farm up like this, and purchase the Buckler, then Cerebro. After this, get an Atom Smasher. This item’s flat out +250 spell damage is incredible early/mid game, and almost all heroes are very squishy with low spell resistance at this point, and this item probably will gain you a lot of kills if utilized properly. After this, get yourself a Twin Paradox Isolator. This boost in timescale helps both with weapon speed when AA’ing, as well as giving you a movespeed boost when you need to run away. Make sure to use your Q well in teamfights, as it still is a good source of damage, but remember, that you can break the channel whenever you want, e.g. if you have to chase someone, you can break channel and chase. Then buy a Vibranium Shields, which grant you extra shields. This will help with your survivability, as well as granting you additional damage on your Q, since it scales with shields. After this, finish Darksteel Titan, then buy Shadowmourne.

In a 1v1 situation, remember that Atom Smasher and Cerebro proc after an ability has been used, so feel free to use your W or E for one sec then break channel to AA. If both items proc at once, and alongside your physical damage out, you can deal over 700-800 in that AA, which is insane. And you should be dealing a lot of damage anyways in a 1v1 due to your passive ultimate.

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