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DPS yet tanky Marine.King Guide v1.142


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Might (+15 Weapon damage)

Fitness (+180 Health)

Discipline (+7% spell resist)

Integrity (+6 Armour)

Swiftness (+6% Movement)

Youth (+200 starting energy)


Final item build in no particular order:








Skill build: W E Q W E R E W E W R Q Q Q Y R Y Y


Marine King is exactly what his name suggests, he is a king of marines. He is a hero who is able to command minions as well as being able to take control of a neutral/enemy creep, and those neutrals have added effects after MK has control.

To start the game, buy yourself all the components of a Duran’s Buckler, and one energy potion. Go creep and lane, and when you must port back to heal, grab the Buckler. Your lane assignment is not very important, as MK has a good escape, you just set your minions to attack the incoming enemy while running away with the hero, as well as using your Q which slows anything which comes into contact. If you are mid or short lane, try your best to take the first tower as soon as possible, as the 200 minerals is great as well as the exp, but it also frees you up to take another tower. One of MK’s strengths is being able to take towers quickly, as well as taking bosses quickly thanks to his many minions.

When you next shop, buy a Pulse Hammer after Duran’s Buckler. Then go and buy a Coat of Arms, as this greatly buffs your minions’ attack speed(you will see a significant change in damage out), as well as your own. Then complete Darksteel Titan, then buy Shadowmourne, then Organic Carapace. You should be very tanky indeed, as well as having good weapon damage, which is complemented by your minions and your ultied minion’s special effect.

When attacking Aeon, set your minions aside and attack it with the hero, so that only the hero is affected by Aeon’s stun/aoe. Then bring your minions in to kill it fast. When attacking Daggoth however, just attack and keep summoning marines with your W as soon as they are all down.

Neutral’s special effects:

Thor: deals high damage onto a single target, or you can select him individually and use his splash damage ability, hotkey C.

Firebat: amplifies any damage dealt to target, while dealing damage himself.

Marauders: slows the target by a significant % of his movespeed.

Tank: deals high splash damage when sieged, deals medium damage per second when unsieged.

When a hero comes near to attack you, summon your marines behind them to block their escape, and press 3(which selects hero as well as all minions) and attack the enemy. They should melt within seconds if not a tank.

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good guide, but would change only a few things, Talents instead of might i would rather get Overlord. MKs ult benefits from 40% pyshical and spell resist. and instead of Shadowmourne i would get Korhal so ur minions can sustain in battle longer and also heal outside of battle, just imo

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any 1 tried lockbox on mk? in theory it seems good, u can lock box and move ur army to the guy if ur attacking and if u get attacked u can lockbox urself and lett ur army shoot the guy a couple of times

Only in theory. You dont need INT at all. it is better to spend 1700 minerals for something else.


+1 to overlord - must pick talent.

I prefer to rush CoA instead of hammer.

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