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AA Jim.Raynor Guide v1.142


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Might (+15 Weapon damage)

Fury (+15% Weapon speed)

Fitness (+180 Health)

Integrity (+6 Armour)

Swiftness (+6% Movement)

Prodigy (+12% Cooldown Reduction)


Final item build in no particular order:


Energy Saber







Skill build: W Q E Q Q R Q E E W R E W W Y R Y Y


So AA Raynor. Why would you go AA on Raynor? Well, for fun I guess… But also, Raynor has one of the biggest AA range in the game(7), as well as a clean-cut AA animation, as well as his Q, which amplifies the damage on target(which is horrifyingly good with AA Raynor).

To start the game off with, buy yourself a Duran’s Pendant. This is a great starting item, because, as you can see, I have neglected the Youth talent to allow for other talents, and Pendant allows you to leech energy from a target. This should keep your energy replenished decently. If you are having trouble, buy yourself a few potions from the shop and carry them around with you.

The best lane for Raynor is mid, however, short lane is also good with an ally who has a stun or a slow, which allows for more attacks to be dealt on to the target. Do not go to long lane, as Raynor has very little/no escape mechanism and warpshard is not included in the final item build(ofc you can add it if you wish, but my guide does not have space for it).

Farm, farm, farm, farm, farm, farm, farm, farm. You should be able to last hit very well with the amazing AA animation of this hero, as well as having those weapon enhancing talents. Buy yourself a Lightning Rod, or complete Cerebro as your second item. The burst damage from this item is absurd, and can be the difference between a kill and a 50hp enemy running away without sight of him. Grab yourself a Gravity Edge next, as this will greatly boost the damage out on your E and R. You should be grabbing a few kills by this stage, and still farming away nicely. Next, get yourself a Kinetic Cell, the component of Energy Saber. You want to get this first for the unique, which stacks with the number of abilities used. Then grab yourself a Vibranium Shields, just for the extra 300(?) shields, as you will be surprisingly squishy. Then complete Energy Saber, grab BlackHole, Shadowmourne, Galactic and all those items on the list.

Your weapon damage will be absolutely horrifying, and alongside the BlackHole Magnum(+150%weapon damage as spell), and your Q(damage amp) ability, you should be able to AA down any enemy within a few shots, even tanks.

Since you are not a full INT Raynor, your ultimate will be very weak. Only use this on targets with sub 20% health, as it won’t even tickle half tanky enemies.

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