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DPS Vergil Guide – Who builds a DPS Vergil? v1.142


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Might (+15 Weapon damage)

Fitness (+180 Health)

Discipline (+7% Spell resist)

Integrity (+6 Armour)

Swiftness (+6% Movement speed)

Youth (+200 Maximum energy)


Final item build in no particular order:

( :IhanCrystal: Stacks)








Skill build: Q E Q Q W R Q E W E W R W E W Y R Y Y


So, you decided to check out a DPS guide for a hero who is played as INT burst in essentially every game he is picked. Let me tell you, a DPS Vergil will be very hard to pull off, especially if you are not that experience in the mechanics of this game. The reason for taking more in the defence talents, is because as you are melee, you need to get close to the enemy and trust me, they will shoot you while you reach them. I suggest you start with Ihan, to get the permanent health, mana and INT boost. This will serve you well into lategame, as well as that, Ihan’s active is a very nice heal with a short cooldown. Then carry on building INT as you would as if it were a real game, so build Gravity Edge, then Nitrogen Retrofit. Vergil is a mid-game dominant hero, so you should be grabbing nice kills early to mid-game, and getting very fed indeed. Here, grab a Pulse Hammer, then a Stun Knife. From here, get whatever item is necessary, if you need more weapon speed, grab a Pyre, then if you need more health, finish FoE.

In teamfights, use your Q’s as soon as they are off cooldown. Then when the enemy are low enough health, E blink into a good position and use your ultimate, R. This should easily finish a few of the squishes off, then if they are not dead, use your Q to slow them down, then AA/stun them with items.

Your W decreases Physical damage by 50% at max level, and you should use you’re Q and AA them as soon as possible to keep the enemy carry’s damage down while you destroy them.


Have fun.

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