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I have arrived


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OK I've been getting slaughtered by all you folks on pubs so I suppose I should introduce myself so here goes.


-SC2 name:Ablomeke


-Country: US of A

-Favorite Character: For a long time Tassadar, then Micro, then Immortal, now returning to the first character I ever played, Zera. I'm as bad with him now as when I started. I pine for the days though when Tass was Boss. Had a big sad when he was nerfed after Greelus came out.

-Favorite item: Organic Carapace, for Micro, is awesome


First off, somebody needs to do a good writeup on Solidus. He's a great character, but someone needs to explain how to use him.


In any event, I am here. Click me!

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Welcome to the forums m8 :D Bro, you just need some more practice, and Tass is still a boss. GDI, if you build him right (spell damage + energy leech, correct if not mistaken), enemies would die just getting close to you ._. It happens, yes it does.

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As for Solidus, all you need to do is following:


1. Build INT.


2. Ward and hide everywhere and anywhere that enemies can't see you then hit them with maximium charged Q.


3. Never get caught on cross-fire.


You are set for the hero if you can execute all three points above flawlessly.

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