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The Good Ol' Days


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Hey guys, I used to be a big SotIS player back in the day -3.x-6.x and stopped playing for a while and switched over to LoL. Anyways, I was messing around in the Sc2 arcade and I happened to stumble across a very accurate copy of the version 5.x map.


So I was wondering if anybody would be down to play a good old fashioned game of SotIS from there times where:

Maar had ridiculously op versatility

Unix was the bane of the pub games

Erekul was a trollololol char that could proc snakes when being autoattacked


Zeratul's bubble slowed time by 1000% not 100%

Rancor's nukes could wave clear top lane from where he was standing at mid

The buffs were Aeon and Levi

Side Shops?

Teleporting consumables

The map was on space terrain

Micro's blink restored mana and was instant cast so he could toss you more

Blinking thunderlord Zyrkhan

Viron Volkov, master of the lane



Anyways, if anyone is interested, leave a comment below and if we get enough interest, perhaps we can schedule a time.

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Lol, that's good old days? that aint old, old is when aeon gave the ageis of the immortal, and you could regen your life and energy when you were below 15-20% hp, or summon the aeon using the item.


old days is when zeratul had time lapse as ultimate and not cronosphere, old days when maar had that gravitate skill as ultimate and not the bullshap op orbs


even though I started inhousing in the "space station" map and i didnt dislike it at all, that version was bullshap compared to the previus ones

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Well, I was referring to 5.x good ol days.

If u REALLY wanna go back, try the days when:

Boros's bola was a stun.

Darpa mines would blow u up if u chased him

Maar could surge in and ult ur team

Egon with ult was a hyper carry tank

Cyprus analyzing Vikings, teleporting in to a team fight with multistot on. MONSTER KILL

Drake had his magnitude lance combo

Tassadar Q made 3 adorable little Tassadars

My personal fave: small hadron collider

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