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Mumble inhouse alive again (EU)


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After 1 week logging into mumble every now and then the closest to an inhouse containing people on mumble was sitting in a lobby for a while.


Nevertheless all it took was for Soedenone to get back from his 6 months in Caribbean and suddenly there would magically show up a mixture of americans and Europeans to get some good games running.





Would be nice with a channel on mumble where none talks and the actual purpose is to just sit there as player who'd like to play as soon as a game is about to get started. For example: You want to play, but meanwhile you kill time watching a movie, then you don't want a bunch of people coming into ur channel talking.


Not everyone wants to sit and listen to a bunch of people talking nonsense all day, So rename two of the channels on mumble into something like WAITING FOR INHOUSE and another one where you are meant to be quiet.

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Yeah, it truly is a shame. It could have been you who I firstblooded, instead of that other guy ;-)


Marche was to busy talking crap about me any way, Wouldn't want yo ruin your fun :-) !




Not that i actually concern my self with the opinion of marche


User was banned for this post

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Uh Marche was there for what, maybe a collective twenty minutes? He was afk rest of the time, and obviously wasn't playing. In that time he wasn't talking about you, though, nobody was. Rather the conversation sorted out some well-hidden feelings of JustAfrican and how he feels he can easily name himself "AfricanPride" and be taken seriously.


I mean, can't you see it?


"I know you're black, suffered apartheid in my country, slavery and numerous other things - but I am the African Pride, get on my level".


I can't believe he actually said that.

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i see well i was informed from the ever so un reliable grape vine marche was so hysterical about him losing his mod powers, after countless years striving to achieve such a goal.



that he decided to make me the focal point of his disappointment.


Im glad to know this is in fact not the case and you guys were able to play several competitive games side stepping the silly political drama between players.

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I was thinking the same thing just yesterday.


To bring AoS back to its nostalgic and competitive way, we need to streamline the IH process. The easiest way being making a waiting lobby, adding one or two more active mods to move afkers out of it.


Then recruit from public games and they no longer have the excuse that IH is too slow(hopefully).


Bring back Tukeys rating system that SMN said he'd do. Add some kind of warning point system for trolls, rqers, people who don't follow the draft or global bans. Allow each person a once per month emergency leave.


Waste less people's time and punish the time wasters.

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