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Inh clan SLP


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Replay: inh_clan_SLP.zip


this was not that great of a game, It was vs a pubstar team who doesn't even use voice chat. We were trolling picking 4 int heroes and a grunty You should of streamed and recorded the game just before this one, Where it was 5 slp vs dippa and african and a few other players they could find,


African carried as Tosh going 1-8, But to be Fair it was like 3-4 am for him on a week day.

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Im glad dippa's point of view holds so much merit :D


im not sure if that SLP can challenge us (eli+4) if we keep practicing next 3 weeks.. ;) i mean just ban queen and mk and SLP can already surrender.. games what i watched lately they are only split pushing.. better learn new tactics.. :)

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