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Hi, I'm Jonathan


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Nice to meet you.


Totally forgot to introduce myself. Jonathan, from Quebec Canada (yes a silly frenchie frog). People recognize me in pub for my rage... Yes what? At least I admit it!


I play since sotis, can't remember the patch number, but when Ive started, Vespus was flobing OP. Than, Ive stopped, took a 1 year break than came back this spring. I can play tank hero and agi ones. I'm really bad with caster, I'm ok with Cyp, but he isnt really hard to master eh?


Ive started this spring with clan BSL. Moved, with a few ex BSL'er, to GIJoe. My clan name is only for IH games. I rarely play pub in premade (almost never) because I find it boring and prefer meeting new people.


That being said, sorry for my poor english, and I'm totally open to IH with you guyz, just let me know, it will always be a pleasure, even more if everyone stay GM.



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