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Hero suggestion: Jody Highroller aka MTV RiFF RaFF


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Rap game Clark Kent...wears Airmax 95s, board shorts, Fendi bulletproof vest

type: caster


The savior of the rap game derives most of his abilities from the dumb swagg diamonds on his neck and wrist. This includes the ability to freeze the nearby ground into a skating rink, allies glide across at high speed, enemies slip and fall. Jody can also shine bright light from his wristwatch into enemies eyes, blinding them.


When Jody takes a hit from the blunt, the clouds he blows out slow down all enemies. The more Jody is in the cloud, the more his damage goes up, stacking 4x.


Jody Highroller can also jump into a Versace Bentley to drive around the map at high speeds.

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