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There used to be plenty of French players. I am unsure whether they still play the game, however.

People such as MangeUnDany and Demonioll. I saw some references to "Dany" here in the forums a couple of days ago, so I will assume he is still active. Demonioll probably is too, that cursed French demon and his consistent, neverending, nonsensical French shouting.

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Well, you ask for "Frenchies"... We naturally assume you actually mean Frenchies, not French-Canadians.


Anyway, as Residente says, it is easy to change servers now, and at least in my experience, I find there is little to no lag when playing in the other region; me being from EU, having playing lots in NA.


On the subject of French-Canadians, I have absolutely no idea. Probably? I'm going to go out on a limb and recall that Peas is Canadian. Whether he is French-Canadian I don't know :-)

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