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Grunty -- Lets bring him back!


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Personally I LOVE grunty. Only hero I enjoy playing.

Could definitely use some help deciding on new items.


Been going --- Lethal Barb -- Axe -- Stun Knife -- then situational build --- then to Shadowmourne. Sometimes I just get my ass kicked.

Some have suggested going : two machetes, then build to stun knife and time splitter , then crit dmg


Hoping you guys can help me out on some effective builds.

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Start with:

:HuntersHatchet::FusionBlade: :FusionBlade: :FusionBlade:


Complete following:


:DuransMachette:+ :QuantumSpade:

Finish this and buy following:

8wtbX8J.png+ :BladedCollar: :BladedCollar:

Complete and buy following:

vUu6ekq.png+ :GravitonBooster::FusionBlade:

Complete and buy following:

iG2Kvt6.png+ :MetalGear:

Complete and buy following:

:HypertrophicCarapace: + :SapphireMox:

Complete following:


1NKQ0yF.pngwfxaiOw.png+ :TimeSplitter:+NYNep3e.png


The game should end at this point.


If not, following items should be considered:




This is for jungle grunty. The camp order I kinda forgot but you should have enough of money for each "trip" you made by following the order of buying I listed.

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Doesn't his Q proc items like Cerebro and BHM again?


Shadowmourne is a must. Timesplitter is also very good for jumping on people. Cerebro solves all energy problems and lets you spam rockets. Personally, I wouldn't go crits on him. If you're having trouble chasing opponents, buy Atom Smasher or FoE, especially if they're AA heroes(-80% wep and move speed). Contamination Shard, Darwin's, Galactic Defender, Phantom are all good.


Generally I think you have enough true damage with passive, Shadowmourne and Contam to not warrant pyre.

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2 Duran Machette

Stun Knife

Galactic defender



Time splitter

Shinobi style

Phantom menace

Khali blade/Darwins/Eternity



When you get Shadowmourne you should defo take advantage and go for ganks ASAP, your dps is phenomenal and that cloak should be easy to get. With the Galactic defender it is relatively hard to die anyway.


General playstyle: (For this example assume you are top tower Zerg team)


Press E to stun. Go around the hero, this means loosely position yourself so you push your enemy back. Example: Enemy hero plays too aggro and moves far away from top Protoss tower - you go around him and use Q to push him away from the tower. Keeping him from running away and doing damage.

This is essential to getting ahead by the mid game. And it's what separates a pub grunty from a half decent IH one, a person who doesn't push enemies away but rather pushes them in. Progressing to later in the mid game when you have stun knife, you will use this item when your Q is on cd.

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Fun build in pubs is, in no particular order


Shadowmourne, shinobi, warp shard, contam, 2 situational, usually Darwin's and menace.


Hit the river to grab speed boost, run up into enemy's. Before you get to close, hit cloak and warp shard behind them. If they have no ts they will instantly lose sight of the cloak blur. Proceed to shawtgun them from behind into your team but make sure you AA first to get the shinobi proc. This also provides you with 2 escapes (1 if they have ts and you should focus them first)


More troll build than anything but it's really fun. Grunty is my favorite hero as well

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