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How do you give yourself a title?


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Examples of what I am talking about, residente has the incognito mod (making him not incognito so that is rather ironic), skydie has troll, etc. I want to say that I am a cow on mine :D


But your title already says that?


Anyway if you want to change it, you just have to go into "edit my profile" and then it should be about halfway down the page under the general settings, and just type in whatever you want into the "member title box"

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I want it stated for the record that I have had my title "since before it was cool". Before mods started using them, before anyone ever did, frankly.


In case you're looking for some extra information too, Moo(and others), there used to be a feature on the forums that allowed members to changer their displayed names. I did that before it was cool as well, and then some imbeciles started impersonating others, okay I may have done it once as well, and it was removed.


All I'm saying is, don't get this feature removed too, ya hear?

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