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ban me or add kick option #1


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waddup i decide to spam the forums until u flobin use ur brain and add somehting like a kick option.


3out of 5 game was unplayable because there was a troll , yes a troll not a noob who run into towers and enemy on purpose. funny thing was , its not every game the same guy always some random idiots. also flobin afkler piss me off. i dont wanna start bout creep mechanic here cuz its oftopic, but looks like u hit the "i change meta of the game to more retard mode because i want more ppl to switch to Dota/LoL .


GOOD JOB. GOOD JOB BRO ur concept is workin



oh yeah btw, yes it was pubgames... i would understand if u would say "go play inh" but hey u killed the game THERE ARE NO INHOUSES. so you took the fun out of the game, community is gone, then u make pubs even worse...


is there a reason for this? Are u on drugs while makin updates? Or u just ignorant and think 80% of the players who play that game for ages all talk shap?



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