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Zeratul Problem "Q" Ability


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I've found that this, and other "leap" type skills (Crackling's and Balrog's) can usually be fixed pretty reliably by issuing a move command immediately after the jump connects. If you try to either attack on a target or "attack-move", your hero will ignore the command, but if you issue a move command, even if it's just for a moment, that will "break" the freeze and you can issue further commands normally. It's a workaround rather than an actual fix, but there it is.

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this bug is a known bug for at least a couple of years now. This is a thread number 721 about this issue. Welcome to the club of "I want to fix q-bug for zeratul". Most of its members are not playin tho... :( Some are married, some got kids, some are probably dead! In 5 years I'm sure you'll be happy to see on this forum thread number 2000 about this issue and state something like:

- Is this still a thing?

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