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bring viron back fixed??


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^^ Mash buttons and owns the wave. He used debuffs to fight enemies. One did pure damage, though it jumped from unit to unit so it would take out a wave at level 2. Another was that if you used an ability while it was on you the CD was doubled, and viron got energy. Third was that when you attacked you were damaged (a lot), and stunned for a short duration (this stuck on you, not 1 attack). His ult was that it refreshed all the debuffs on enemies. He completely ruined the game, worse that shadow was before his ult was nerfed a month ago.

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His Ultimate also dealt high damage for each debuff on you.


His Innate was really a mechanic thing-- his abilities are all single-target (except for ultimate) but splash to 1+N extra targets, where N is the number of QWE debuffs already on the original target.


E was a simple 'enemy deals AoE damage to itself and other enemies near it'

W was.. evil

Q was.. also evil

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