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Vorpals W = Useless


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I seem to recall a dev saying they were looking at reworking his W ability into one designed around orb regen. But that was the better part of a year ago when he had orb problems. Since then his W has not changed (other than removing the resist part), but his abilities orb costs have been reduced... Soooo they have probably done that as a quick fix and forgotten about it, just leaving it as a useless skill :(. I really want it to give him passive timescale, or each orb he has around him grants a % damage resist. Just something which is more useful to him.

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It says it gives spell resist in the database, but that might be outdated.


It use to. Then they thought Vorpal was OP so they took away the resist. Now it just reflects.


or each orb he has around him grants a % damage resist. Just something which is more useful to him.


That's a GREAT idea! That way he has a reason to not just spam all of his javelins or to wait to use certain skills until your enemies have used most of their skills on you.


But yes, I also remember the discussion they had about his W and trying to find something useful for it. But there is more pressing matters at the moment and Vorpal still gets picked in IH because he is a powerful asset to any team AoE or Wombo Combo.

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Vorpal is overrated in my opinion, he is good for soloing the long lane because of he is one of the hardest hero's to kill bar none. However when it comes down to initiating and tanking he is lacking, due to him having no W skill. I'll give you a better example if your going to pick a tank to initiate, vorpal is like 2nd to last pick for that role to me. Micro, Brine, drake, LZ, etc all do a better job in that role.


To rap it all up, I do not care what you do with his W just make it do something other than what it does right now!

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