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Three small requests to improve gameplay


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Over the last few months I have become increasingly aware of a few small concerns that would definitely improve my gameplay experience and probably a lot of other people’s as well. These aren’t big issues by any means, but rather things that I find slightly annoying but not really worthy of mention until now. Even though they are not big issues I am bringing them up because I think these could be implemented rather easily if the devs wanted.

  • Please allow us to disable the “Snap to Pool” on respawn feature. I do not want my view to snap to the pool. This annoys me every single time it happens. I understand that its helpful for new players, but its disruptive to me. I am always watching other lanes and battles going on and when the timer gets to a few seconds I spam click the minimap to send my hero out. Then the snap to pool happens and I am forced to look at something I don’t want to look at. If I need to buy anything I’ll just hit “B” and buy before my hero walks out of buy range. Please create a command (perhaps “-snap”) that can be stored in the bank file which will disable this feature. This way new players will be visually shown that they have respawned but experienced players can watch the battlefield without having their vision hijacked for several seconds.

  • Please allow us to click on buff icons to view the timer for that particular buff. Say I buy a distilled adrenaline, then say 6-7 minutes later our team kills Levi. At this point I have forgotten how much time is left on my consumable and now I can only see the time on the Levi buff. I would like to be able to click on any buff I want and see the timer for that buff.

  • Please allow us to click on sub-recipes to view their costs. Say I have Black Hole Magnum selected in the buy menu. This shows me the cost to complete the full item. Lets say I already purchased one of the items required for Ocelot’s revolver. If I want to know how much money I need to purchase Ocelots I cannot simply click on it under Black Hole Magnum, I must go find Ocelots under int or energy and view the cost remaining there. I could just do the math in my head, but generally I am in the middle of battle or last hitting in a creep wave and prefer to spend my concentration there instead of doing math.

Again, none of these issue is big, but in my opinion they could each improve the game in some small way.

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1: move the minimap slightly it shouldn't change, saying this can't tell you how often i transported into my own pool because of this.

2: Annoying as shap, I use the ingame timer to remember this also works for aeon and levy pickups

3: play more and know how much it is, this last one would be to much programming i think.


These would improve gameplay but i feel time is better spend in balance, if time is to spare (lol not happening soon) they i agree would be nice but keep above order.

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